Wolfgang Van Halen is ‘very grateful’ for his Grammy nod | Recreation

Wolfgang Van Halen feels “very grateful” for his first Grammy nomination.

Van Halen’s latest son and ax killer Eddie Van Halen was nominated for Best Rock Song for his hit single ‘Distance’ about his latest pop – which he released as Mammoth WVH – at a party in Las Vegas on Sunday night (03.04.22).

The prize ended up being for the Foo Fighters and their song ‘Waiting on a War’, but Wolfgang is happy to have received the title along with some of his favorite artists.

In a Twitter post, the 31-year-old rocker – who was joined by his mother Valerie Bertinelli and girlfriend Andraia Allsop on a red carpet at MGM Grand Garden – began: “Here we go, we see, but we did not win and that’s fine!

I had a wonderful night with the two most important women in my world.

“Such an honor of being nominated for the first song I’ve ever released on my own, in a group with singers I’ve seen all my life. I don’t know if that will ever fully subside.” sic) “

Wolfgang realized that his father – who died after a long battle with cancer in October 2020 – had not won his first election since 1985.

He continued: “Pop also did not win the first time he was nominated, so it seems I follow his example very well.”

Wolfgang concluded: “Who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I feel very grateful. What a horrible experience this was.

“Thank you @recordingacademy for the appreciation, and thank you for the support. I mean the world to me.”

Earlier on the red carpet, the actress’s mother Wolfgang said she could feel the presence of the ‘Jump’ actress at Grammys and said she would be proud of her son.

Valerie told People: “There is only one person who can be more proud than I am. And that would not be possible, but it could be Ed.”

“I feel him strongly now. He is with us. He is.

“I won’t cry for you either, baby. But yes. She’s there. Thank you, Ed. It’s fun.”

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