Wilander lauds praise on Alcaraz: “He’s the most inspirational tennis player we have”

Carlos Alcaraz had a tremendous year in 2022 and the expectations heading into next year will be higher than ever.

Alcaraz had a firm goal of finishing in the top 15 at the end of 2022 but the Spaniard actually finished number one. A superb ascension to the top of tennis was aided by Djokovic missing half the year but Alcaraz still proved himself more than worthy of becoming the number one.

Djokovic himself admitted it and Wilander thinks it might be quite hard for him to fully digest what had happened this year:

“I think it will be really hard to digest 2022 for Alcaraz. But I also think (coach) Juan Carlos Ferrero is going to know exactly what they need to do. I think that there’s a validation process that has to happen for Carlos.” Am I really No. 1 in the world?’ I mean, ‘what are you putting me as No. 1 as a 19-year-old?'”

He continued:

“He doesn’t have to be considered the greatest player, but one thing is for sure: it is fun as hell to watch him play tennis when he’s that good and he’s laughing at the same time. He’s the most inspirational tennis player that we have because of what he did in 2022 and most of all because of the way he did it. Never compare him to Rafa, Roger and Novak, the way he did it I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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