Why Black Friday Is The Best Time To Purchase A Garmin Golf Watch

Why Our Golf Experts Think You Should Purchase A Garmin Golf Watch This Black Friday

When it comes to the best golf watches (opens in new tab), users are truly spoilt for choice, with there being an array of options on the market. However, if you are looking for a premium model, we believe one brand stands above the rest and that is Garmin.

Not only can its watches be used for on-course activities, but the best Garmin golf watches (opens in new tab) can also be used to monitor fitness, check emails, the weather, calls and record day-to-day life. What’s more, right now, there are also a number of Black Friday golf deals (opens in new tab) available on the market, with Garmin products offering discounts from anywhere between $50 and $150.

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Why would you need a Garmin watch you may ask? Well, to begin with, the company have been the leading electronic watch manufacturer for many, many years, with its products regularly securing 4.5 and 5 star rankings in our reviews.

Along with their reliability, they also provide the user with a range of features on the course, with the watch giving front, middle and back yardages to the green, as well as distances to hazards and corners of doglegs. Some even track and monitor your round and will even feed you information on the average distance your clubs go, how many fairways and greens you hit and further statistics of your round so you know where you can improve your game.

The items that Garmin offer also help take your game from the range to the course (opens in new tab)as they are all specifically designed to benefit you and provide confidence, an aspect which, as a golfer, is often overlooked when you’re looking to fire your best score in a medal or Stableford competition.

Now, in the Black Friday sale, you can purchase a number of Garmin watches with incredible discounts, as some products are over $100 off, with this time of year the ideal period to purchase a premium model. This is because it may be some time until you find them at these sort of rates!

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However, with such an array of models available it can be difficult to find the right one for you and, if you were to check out the options, you will find a number of watches at various price points. Therefore, it comes down to which watch you want, what you want to get from it and how particular you are going to use it.

Importantly, Garmin has found a delicate balance between usability, convenience and powerful features in all of their watches, with their models providing a bright LED screen, as well as superb ease of use, with two examples of this being the Garmin Approach S12 (opens in new tab) and the Garmin Approach S42 (opens in new tab).

Both of these are fantastic models that come in at two different price points. The S12 may not be as stylish or feature-packed as its counterpart, but it still offers superb value for money as it provides the user with 40,000+ pre-loaded golf courses and easy usability.

If though you are a golfer who doesn’t just enjoy golf, but also going to the gym and works a lot on the go, then the Approach S62 (opens in new tab) could be a more suited option, with the watch featuring in our Editor’s Choice Awards for 2022 (opens in new tab).

We believe now is the best time to invest in a Garmin watch, especially given the Black Friday sales and the incredible reductions on offer. Other products from adidas (opens in new tab) and Callaway (opens in new tab)are also available with up to 70% off!

Why Do I Need To Invest In A Golf Watch?

A golf watch, or an electronic golf watch in general, is one of the best purchases you could make as it helps on and off course activities. Garmin’s watches come preloaded with 10’s of thousands of courses and, thanks to a bright and smart LED screen, you can pick out accurate yardages to hazards, flags and doglegs.

Away from the course, it can be used to monitor your heartrate and workouts at the gym, with the majority of the Garmin range also able to access work emails and calls for ease of use.

Why Is Black The Best Time To Purchase A Golf Watch?

Black Friday is absolutely littered with incredible golf deals and, over an array of brands, there are plenty of options and discounts to be had. Whether you are after the slightly more budget watches like the Approach S42 and S12, or perhaps the top-end model S62, there are deals to be had on these fantastic watches.

Is It Just Golf Watches Available In The Black Friday Sale?

No, there are plenty of products available from a whole host of different companies. Not only are golf watches on offer in the Black Friday sale, but you could also pick up savings on golf GPS’ (opens in new tab) or laser rangefinders (opens in new tab). Unsure where to start with all the savings available? Then why not check out the best Black Friday golf deals (opens in new tab) page here.

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