Why Big Daddy V Failed In WWE, Explained

Some wrestlers just never end up getting over, no matter how many times a company tries to push them. Such was the case with Nelson Frazier Jr., who spent three stints in WWE and played three notable characters as well – Mabel, Viscera, and Big Daddy V.

He would never end up getting over as a top star in the company though, but it was not for a lack of trying, as he was pushed on numerous occasions without much success. Frazier ultimately left WWE for the third and final time in 2008 and would sadly pass away in 2014.


Mabel Failed To Get Over In WWE

Frazier broke into the business as Nelson Knight, a part of a tag team known as The Harlem Knights, along with his storyline brother Bobby. The duo would soon end up in WWE, where they were repackaged as Men on a Mission, with Knight becoming Mabel and Bobby becoming Mo. Managed by Oscar, they were booked as a babyface team looking to make a positive impact in society.

It was clear from the start that WWE viewed Mabel as a star of the group, due to his incredible size. In 1995, Men on a Mission would turn heel and Mabel was placed as one of the top heels in the company. He would even go on to win the King of the Ring tournament, was then repackaged as King Mabel, and challenged Diesel for the WWE Championship in the main event of SummerSlam 1995.

The problem with Mabel though was that he was not the greatest worker in the ring and ended up injuring several of his opponents, including top stars like Diesel and The Undertaker. WWE let him go in 1996.

Mabel Becomes Viscera During The Attitude Era

After spending the next few years in several other promotions, Mabel would return full-time to WWE in early 1999, where he was placed in The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness. He adopted a gothic look this time around and was repackaged as Viscera.

When The Ministry of Darkness broke up in 1999, Viscera found himself without a real spot on the card. He also won the Hardcore Championship, but at that point of time, who didn’t! He would also go on to lose the belt in minutes. After floating around in the mid-card picture for a while, WWE would decide to let him go in 2000.

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Viscera Returns As A Comedy Act

For a man who was never known for his wrestling abilities, Viscera did get quite a few chances in WWE. After spending several years on the independent circuit, he was brought back in 2004.

This time around, he was handed the ‘World’s Largest Love Machine’ gimmick. It was the sort of comedy character you would expect in WWE. Memorable programs included him helping Trish Stratus in her feud with the team of Lita and Kane, as well as a long-running on-and-off love story with Lilian Garcia, which ended up with Viscera Samoan Splashing the ring announcer.

It was filler television at best and was never going to land Viscera anywhere higher than a mid-card comedy spot.

Viscera’s Transformation Into Big Daddy V

After being drafted to Raw, Viscera was repackaged into Big Daddy V and associated himself with Matt Striker. WWE actually appeared to be interested in pushing him as a monster heel as well. Also, the transformation in look was quite striking, and he seemed into his new character.

Big Daddy V was put into some high profile feuds as well. He was involved in programs with the likes of The Undertaker, Kane, and CM Punk.

For a short spell, the Big Daddy V character did work as a heel, but the fans would quickly lose interest once again. He would soon be released from the company for the third and final time.

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Why Things Didn’t Work Out For Big Daddy V

When it comes to Big Daddy V, or Mabel, or Viscera, whichever name you may know him as, one cannot blame WWE for his failure to get over. The company always seemed to have big plans for Frazier, largely thanks to his unique look. The problem was that he was never good enough in the ring or on the mic to hold the interest of the fans for any considerable length.

Yet, for someone with a skill set as limited as his, Frazier did manage to carve out a pretty decent run for himself in WWE and is someone that the fans remember well.

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