What NHL games will be broadcast on national television this week? Date, time, match matches on TNT, ABC, NHL

One of the biggest competitions of the 21st century is the headline of this week’s Saturday afternoon games.

Alex Ouchkin and Sydney Crosby meet for the last time this regular season. These two star players always create high-level entertainment, because the capitals and the penguins joke to reach the top position in the playoffs.

In total, there are eight games a week on national television, including three with Capital and three with Lightning, the Stanley Cup winner.

Here’s a look at the NHL games on national television this week.

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What games are on the NHL this week?

Maple leaves against lightning

  • Date: Monday 4 April
  • Time: 7:30 pm Eastern time

This is a potential first-round match as Maple Leafs and Lightning have been ranked No. 2 and No. 3 in the Atlantic for most of the season. The two have been controversial so far this season, with Maple Leafs scoring 2-1 in extra time, then Lightning 5-3 in the second season. The two will meet again after Monday night’s match.

Lightning vs. Bronze

  • Date: Friday, April 8th
  • Time: 7 pm Eastern time

Tampa Bay is back on Friday night on the NHL against another Boston, another Atlantic foe. The Bruins have moved to third place behind Lightning, so Friday has important play-off implications. While Tampa won the first two games of the season 3-2 at the OT, Boston has won the last two.

Rangers vs. Senators

  • Date: Saturday, April 9
  • Time: 7 pm Eastern time

The two teams are at the bottom of the standings on Saturday night. The Rangers are ready to run next season while the low-feeding senators are ready. New York has won the previous two games this season.

What games are there on TNT this week?

Capital vs. Lightning

  • Date: Wednesday 6 April
  • Time: 7:30 pm Eastern time

The two clubs have been competing for some time. Capital and Lightning first met twice in October and November, where Tampa won both games by one goal. Lightning seems to turn it into three people in a row on Wednesday night.

Ducks against the flames

  • Date: Wednesday 6 April
  • Time: 10 pm Eastern time

The top team in the Pacific division selects one of the lower teams in the division. Flames and ducks meet for the last time this season. After splitting the first two games, Calgary lost 6-2 to Anaheim in mid-February.

Capital vs. Bronze

  • Date: Sunday 10 April
  • Time: 1 pm Eastern time

This match is on Sunday between the two teams of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Bruins defeated the capital in two matches in January, winning 7-3 and 4-3.

Penguins vs. Predators

  • Date: Sunday 10 April
  • Time: 4:30 pm Eastern time

Pittsburgh and Nashville meet in a showdown late Sunday afternoon. This is the second and last time that the two see each other in the normal season. They won the first game 4-1 in mid-March.

What game is on ABC this week?

Penguins vs. Capitals

  • Date: Saturday, April 9
  • Time: 3 pm Eastern time

He vs. Syed. One of the best hockey competitions we’ve seen in the last 15 years is back on national television on Saturday. The enemies of the metropolitan area will meet for the last time in the regular season. The capital team is superior and has won two of the previous three matches.

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