Westerville Art Hop showcasing local artists, providing affordable entertainment for students

Artists from pottery to pottery will meet on the second annual Saturday of Westerville Art Hop. Credit: Courtesy of Ken Wright

Local artists will come together to showcase their talents and sell their art in the second Westerville area. Art Hop Saturday.

This event, organized by Uptown Westervillean organization dedicated to bringing tourism and business to Westerville will take place from 1-5 pm and will include 40 artists and more than 30 venues on North State Street, Lynn Aventino, Uptown Westerville executive director, said. Art Hop is free to all and will provide food trucks, Selected Outdoor Food Areas and live music in other stores.

“Art Hop is designed to inform the public about the artistic talent in Westerville and the historic shops that they may not have visited,” said Aventino.

Businesses and galleries near the line, incl The first Amish property le Inspired – Beautiful Art Gallery, will give part of their space to central Ohio artists to showcase their work, Aventino said. Attendees will be able to dine on truck trucks, such as Donna’s Delicious Dozen le Little Ladies Soft Serveand other restaurants near the downtown area.

“Local businesses really support our economy, the society in which we live, so the whole cycle of saving our money where we live helps us rather than send our money to big corporations. of business, “said Aventino.

A variety of art forms will be represented during the Art Hop era, including strings, sculptures, pottery, children’s picture books and more, according to Uptown Westerville. website. Artist Don Wilkins said he works with an art form called reverse glass paint, which involves painting the back of the glass so that the image comes in one direction.

“It gives me the design I need,” Wilkins said. It’s almost like I have to do it. And then it sounds like I’m contributing to something; as if it were a fruitful bounty, as if it were a mere figment of the imagination. ”

As a result of this epidemic, Westerville has not been able to hold Art Hop since 2019, which Wilkins says has resulted in the creation of artistic talent. He said past Art Hop was a great opportunity for artists to share their passion and sell their work.

Wilkins recalled: “It was a pity we did not have it for two years. “I think there are a lot of talented people who haven’t been allowed out of there. It’s like singers. If you’ve been to a music concert lately, they’re a bit frustrated to be on stage because they have not been on stage for two years. ”

Wilkins said one of the things he misses most about Westerville Art Hop is the ability to instill a love of art in members of the public who may be influenced by the event.

“My favorite part of 2019 was interviews with young people, children, 10-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 14-year-olds and other newcomers,” Wilkins said. Engaging in such discussions is the development of the next generation, even if the 60-year-old says he really wants to return to art. ”

In addition to art hops and festivals, Uptown Westerville organizes events such as the annual chicken and chocolate goes with Fifth Friday celebrationswhich is fairly straightforward events that take place every fourth Friday of the month, May through October, Aventino said.

The organization is also looking for ways to include Ohio State students in their events, by Women in the Engineering Program in the state of Ohio participating last Friday to help children build smaller helicopters, he said.

“There are a lot of fun free events like Friday the Fourth where students can spend their day without having to spend money. They can if they want to, but I think it’s a good place, “said Aventino.” We would love to see more OSU students. “

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