‘Welcome to Death Row!!’: Boxing World Goes Wild as Gervonta Davis Asks Floyd Mayweather for ‘Termination Papers’ but Regrets Instantly

The chemistry between Floyd Mayweather and his protege Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has been in top storylines. The duo is not able to reach the common ground where they could form a stable contract that promises fighters’ demand.


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Before the highly anticipated collision with the hard hitter Rolly Romero, Davis for the first time hinted that everything is not going well between him and Mayweather’s Promotion. The chaos reached so much that Davis was on the verge of leaving the promotion.


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But after the fight, things turned. He appeared with the manager of Mayweather’s promotions and it seemed that the duo had sorted it out. But once again, the three-weight division champ popped up on social media and shared several deep remarks. Once again, Davis seemed dissatisfied with his long-time promoter.

On Thursday, he took to Twitter and wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “When y’ll gonna give me termination papers?! @LEllerbe @[email protected]

However, he took no time in deleting it. But in the age of media, it went viral. Several fans read it before it got deleted.

How did fans react to the deleted tweet of Gervonta Davis?

Thus, social media users reacted to it. A fan wrote, “I already know this finna be deleted.”

Another fan wrote, “It’s really unfortunate to see this but you have to do what you have to when the situation doesn’t suit you anymore.”

Several people shared their opinions.

Another fan wrote, Lol tank coming for Floyd now wow @FloydMayweather.”

Another fan wrote the boxer was annoyed.

Another fan suggested the manager of Mayweather promotions free Davis.

Another fan was happy to see the athlete standing up to his promoter.

The unified welterweight champion Spence Junior and Terence Crawford are not able to find a way to land the biggest possible fight of the current generation due to business reasons between their promoters.

Another fan wrote, “Don’t shoot the messenger. I admire Floyd a lot, but the $1000 birthday wishes seem out of character for him considering he’s made $150k/sec before. @Gervontaa wants out.”


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Another fan felt he would never get the termination papers.


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What do you think of this tweet? Do you think Davis is losing patience and will soon leave Mayweather’s promotion? Let us know in the comments below.

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