‘We would love to have him back’

Thus, while seemingly everyone within the Rams organization wants Beckham back, his health and availability are pushing out a deal down on the priority list, as Demoff spelled out.

“With Odell, I think, given the rehab, the timeline coming back probably won’t be until later in the year, I just think the urgency of the sense, both from his side and maybe from our side and maybe other teams, is. It’s not right there for him, “Demoff said. “We would love to have him back. We would welcome him back with open arms tomorrow.”

So far this offseason, the Rams have added free agents Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson, signed Stafford and Kupp to lucrative extensions and restructured Aaron Donald to make him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history. Thus, even though the Rams’ signings have many scratching their heads regarding the salary cap, LA has roughly $ 7.6 million in cap room, per over the cap, and must be mindful. Throwing a sizable offering at Beckham now when he may not be available until late in the season is not the best move for the club.

Beckham blossomed in his time with the Rams, starting slow and coming off strong during a historic run to the championship.

A three-time Pro Bowler with the New York Giants who was signed by the Rams after the Cleveland Browns had waived him, Beckham tallied 27 receptions for 305 yards and five touchdowns in eight regular-season games with the LA in the postseason though. a bigger contributor. In four games (roughly three and a half considering his injury), Beckham posted 25 catches for 316 yards and two TDs.

“Odell was such a huge piece of what we did,” Demoff said.

Thanks to his contributions at the end of last season, Beckham is expected to draw beyond suitors in LA

Demoff is hopeful it’ll all work out and OBJ won’t leave LA, but if the wideout does move on, Demoff understands.

“We’d all love for it to go our way, if it doesn’t, we certainly understand that perspective, as well,” he said. “Both sides have had an open dialogue, both sides are respectful, excited. Couldn’t be more grateful for what Odell did for our team last year and meet him and watch him flourish in LA.”

For now, the Rams’ hopes for bringing back Beckham remain a constant, but a signing certainly does not appear to be imminent.

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