Watch Juan Carlos La Verde Of Florida Fights With 12-Foot Alligator That Chomped On His Head, GoFundMe Campaign As Video Goes Viral

A shocking video of a Florida man named Juan Carlos La Verde who miraculously survived a fight with a 12-foot alligator that munched on his head has been making the rounds on the internet, know about the GoFundMe campaign

In the video, we can see Juan Carlos La Verde swimming off a dock on Lake Thonotosassa with the huge alligator right in front of his path.

Juan Carlos La Verde Of Florida Fights With 12-Foot Alligator That Chomped On His Head, GoFundMe Campaign As Video Goes Viral

Watch the shocking incident unfold after the video of the incident popped up.

What happened to Juan Carlos La Verde?

In the video posted online, Florida man Juan Carlos La Verde was swimming off a dock on Lake Thonotosassa when the huge alligator appeared right in front of his pathway.

La Verde was shooting a promotional video for his upcoming race when the incident occurred.

After a few seconds, La Verde and the animal meet up unexpectedly. Following that, a clear commotion between the two occurs in the water.

We can then see some splashing in the video taken from above as the 34-year-old attempts to escape to shore.

Who Is The Victim Juan Carlos La Verde?

La Verde is an ex-member of the United States Air Force Pararescue, a local firefighter and a paramedic.

La Verde Makes A Statement After The Incident

Following the shocking incident, La Verde described the reptile as being about 12 feet in length.

He recently told WFTS-TV Tampa:

That thing wasn’t a little gator, it would be funny if it was a little gator. With the right stroke, all I felt was scales, teeth and then right there I’m like OK. So, what I think I did, what I felt like I did, was that I immediately tried to open its jaws because I knew I was in a gator.

La Verde’s Near-death Fight

La Verde’s quick reaction helped him, and he was lucky that the animal let go of him after the struggle. After the fight with the alligator, La Verde quickly swam back to the dock and got himself out of the water.

Luckily, a good Samaritan rushed him to the hospital. La Verde even called 911 himself to explain what happened.

La Verde suffered a series of serious injuries to his face and head. He had to undergo a six-hour surgery at the Tampa General Hospital to repair and reconstruct the damage to his skull and head. A GoFundMe has also been set up for him.

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