Vikings make ESPN’s list of the best 2022 NFL Draft trades

We’re already a week removed from the 2022 NFL Draft, but there are still plenty of stories to be done about it, including one from ESPN that should be of some interest to fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

Seth Walder has compiled his list of what he feels were the five best trades made by teams in last week’s selection meeting, and the Vikings made the list. General Chat Chat Lounge .in a positive way. Walder says the deal the Vikings made with the Green Bay Packers in the second round was a significant win for the Vikings. Contrary to what many have complained about the deal brought up, Walder thinks it was a good deal for the Vikings because They made a deal with a division rival.

The numbers alone don’t do much justice to Minnesota here, as they are traded with a division rival.

Conjuring the No. 90 pick in the draft (the opposite pick of the surplus value acquired) is good. Taking the No. 90 pick from a divisional opponent in exchange for nothing is better.

Critics will say this is bad because Minnesota should fill the Packers with a critical need for Christian Watson. This is faulty logic because it leaves out the context that Green Bay let Minnesota have two picks that are collectively worth more than what they used on Watson, plus the Packers may have traded up and gotten Watson from someone else anyway.

A willingness to deal with divisional opponents is a good trait for a team (though it can amplify an error, as it did for the Packers here).

Curiously, the deal that the Vikings made with the Detroit Lions that allowed Detroit to come up to # 12 and got things off to a rocky start for the Vikings last week didn’t make the list. I’m still not a big fan of that trade, but at least it wasn’t (apparently) so egregiously bad for the Vikings that it got them on Walder’s list in a negative light.

Walder points out that at the beginning of his piece he used pick charts based on absolute value rather than the Jimmy Johnson trade chart, which he says is “outdated.” There are several different charts that can be used to figure out which teams “win” trades on Draft Weekend (as much as a team can win a trade that involves players who have never set foot in the field before the NFL), But by at least one standard, the Vikings pulled off one of the best trades of the 2022 NFL Draft a week ago.

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