Update from Exercise – April 4th

Montreal – Canadians trained at the Bell Center on Monday.

The club held a rare skate in the city center due to Team Photo Day, which is held twice each season, including after the business deadline.

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Kerry Price While continuing to try to return to the squad before the end of the season, he returned to practice with the rest of the group. Price is still recovering from knee surgery.

Brendan GallagherMeanwhile, he skated in a regular training shirt. He hopes to play against Ottawa on Tuesday night. Gallagher suffered a lower back injury March 17 against Dallas.

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Michael Pazeta He practiced, but wore a non-contact shirt. He has not played since he was injured against Toronto on March 26.

Price: Still a “tough guy to beat” for Gallagher

While there is no timetable for Price’s return, he certainly seemed to be in practice.

Just ask Gallagher, who is still trying to beat him after 10 seasons as a teammate.

“He always looks good to me. If you think I scored for him? The answer is no,” Gallagher joked. “He has worked hard. He is eager to go. It has been a challenging year for all of us. He is definitely no different. He has come a long way. He has worked hard for this, so I hope he can “Get back there soon.”

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How Canadiens’ replacement captain knows that Price is moving in the right direction in terms of recovery

There are key things that really caught his attention.

He is a competitive man. He does not like to score any goals. But when he can get out of the point and really challenge you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goalkeeper who can do that. Gallagher explained. “As much as he can move from side to side, he is always in front of the ball, he never gets out of the net, and when he has that power and that pressure, he is a tough man to beat,” he says.

Video: MTL @ TBL, Gm5: Price uses its pad to steal Palat

Of course, Gallagher is happy to see more price improvements.

“You’re really happy for him, as a teammate, as a friend, and as a boy who has shown you well for 10 years. You’re happy to see him there again. You know “On the ice,” he added, “even small steps like this, training with the team, meant a lot to him. He’s getting closer, so you’re excited and happy for that man.” .

Gallagher: I want to get back in the squad and help the team win.

After watching the last 8 games from the sidelines, Gallagher is thirsty to wear himself.

The 29-year-old winger expects to get the green light from the team’s doctors to fight the senators.

The campaign was difficult for Gallagher, who was limited to 43 games due to injury.

“I want to return to the squad and help the team win. My focus as a hockey player has never changed. I learned a lot about myself this year. It was a difficult year, but I doubt myself or anything else. “I still feel like I’m the player I used to be,” said Gallagher, who has 14 points (5 goals, 9 assists) this season. For whatever reason, I could not stay healthy. I need summer to rebuild my body, but I’m looking forward to coming back. “Combining and just winning a few hockey games and helping my teammates.”

Video: Brendan Gallagher on the day of the team’s annual photo

The Edmonton native spoke extensively about the role that his off-season training program plays in his success.

The short summers have provided him with valuable training time that enables him to stay fit and produce throughout the NHL campaign.

We really only had a month and a little time [after the Stanley Cup Final], And when you look at the things I usually do in the summer and the things I did last summer, you can see it. I think I have been out of the squad four times this year. “I just could not maintain it throughout the year.” “Summer is probably a little more important to me than the other players in the league, because I’m not here based on a certain level of talent,” Gallagher said. I’m here because I can compete. I feel like an intelligent player and there are certain things I do well and I can do them well every night. But it harms the body. “I need time to rebuild it and I look forward to it.”

Video: MTL @ EDM: Gallagher takes back the rebound in power

Veteran colleague Jake Allen Discussed Gallagher’s incredible work ethic.

He is very grateful for everything that number 11 has brought to the table.

He is a warrior. There are not many players in the league who can hardly play him. He is obese and physically fit. Many children do not want to play in that game. “That’s why he’s so respected all over the league and on our team.” He praised Allen. I understand that he has been beaten and injured, and he deserves, and to get better, and he did it for this organization. “He is a very important part of this team.”

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