Undertaker says Mets’ Edwin Diaz entrance is a ‘win’ for MLB

The New York Mets have some of the best pitching in baseball thanks in part to Edwin Diaz. The closer has been absolutely dominant. In addition to being perhaps the best closer in baseball, Diaz is known for his entrance song “Narco,” which has taken fans of the sport by storm.

The Mets arranged for Timmy Trumpet, whose trumpet playing makes the song so fantastic, to perform the song live during a save situation for Diaz. Someone else who knows a thing or two about a theatrical entrance is a fan of Diaz and his trumpet-laden entrance. WWE legend The Undertaker spoke to Jeff Passan of ESPN to discuss why Diaz and other dominant closers have

“It’s almost like a party atmosphere with his music,” the Undertaker said of the Mets’ star, via ESPN. “Most guys want to be hard and heavy and have that real tough-guy thing. This was more of a celebration. I love it, man…There’s somebody watching that who’s not a baseball fan who wants to see that now. That’s a win for him. That’s a win for Major League Baseball.”

Diaz’s outrageous strikeout abilities and blazing speed make his entrance all the more electrifying. His wicked fastball-slider combo has shut down opposing batters all season and is earning him a massive contract this offseason.

As the Mets finish out the regular season with the postseason already clinched, The Undertaker and baseball fans everywhere can be happy that Edwin Diaz and his tremendous walk-up music will continue.

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