UFC’s Biggest Star Conor McGregor, a multi-millionaire dollar man himself, showcases insane sums of net worth by posting details online

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor is one of the most prolific athletes in the sports world especially in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

‘The Notorious’ hasn’t stepped into the Octagon since UFC 264, but he’s still one of the promotion’s most valuable assets. Despite only fighting twice in 2021, McGregor still managed to top the UFC’s pay-per-view buying charts this year. While the Irishman’s personality and trash-talking nature certainly helped him in the Octagon, it also won him a large following.

McGregor’s social media accounts are considered some of the most valuable in sports. ‘The Notorious’ earns a decent amount of money from his social media pages which only adds to the profits from his other ventures. It was revealed that the Irishman currently earns around $149,000 per sponsored post on his account.

Conor McGregor’s social media presence

The Irishman puts up remarkable numbers on his social media accounts. His personal Instagram account has an impressive 45.9 million followers and his Twitter account has 9.4 million followers. It’s no surprise, as the former two-division UFC champion is quite active on his accounts, with character updates and the occasional chat.
McGregor has also been posting about his lavish lifestyle as the 34-year-old has quickly increased his net worth since first coming to the UFC.

McGregor has many business ventures outside the Octagon that he promotes using his platform. His whiskey company, Proper Twelve Whiskey, has skyrocketed to great success. No doubt influenced by the campaigner’s promotion through his social media pages.

The Irishman’s reputation is undoubtedly still growing. The former two-division champion will not, however, be pleased with his latest UFC performance. The Notorious will return soon in an effort to establish his viability as a title contender. When do you anticipate McGregor making a comeback to the Octagon.

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