UFC president Dana White shows off garden that has so many pools he hasn’t used them all and says Conor McGregor is fighter who would throw the best BBQ

Dana White has given people a sneak peek into the life that building a sport from the ground up affords you.

The UFC president recently linked up with Cooper Manning, the older brother of former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning, who says he’s on a mission to find the best backyard in America.

BBQ Guys – YouTube

Manning and White had a staredown before exploring the UFC mogul’s back garden

It quickly became clear why the 48-year-old entrepreneur and television personality decided to take a closer look at White’s back garden which is kitted out with pools, cabanas, a gym, spa, and a personal chef.

“What I was going for here was I wanted you to feel like you’re at a resort,” White explained.

“You’ve got the pools, there are cabanas everywhere, and on the other side, the other house, there’s a gym and spa.”

White’s pools are divided in such a way that it’s actually unclear how many he has. However, it quickly became clear that the 53-year-old doesn’t use them all.

“We got pools! So, this pool here. We’ve got another pool over there’s a lap pool in front of the gym,” he added.

“I’ve never been in the lap pool ever. I’m more of a put a raft in the pool and float kind of guy than doing laps. But when I built the house, I had good intentions.”

White's wanted his backyard to feel like a resort

BBQ Guys – YouTube

White’s wanted his backyard to feel like a resort

The UFC boss an abundance of swimming pools

BBQ Guys – YouTube

The UFC boss an abundance of swimming pools

As they began grilling a tomahawk steak, Manning asked the MMA boss which one of his fighters would throw the best BBQ.

“You would have to imagine Conor McGregor,” White replied.

“Conor McGregor doesn’t do anything half-a****. Everything is over the top.”

Despite thinking his biggest star would throw one hell of a bash, White wouldn’t invite the unpredictable Irishman to his house for a BBQ and instead named The Rock, Mario Lopez and Halle Berry as the three famous faces he’d want at his garden party

The Rock, Mario Lopez and Halle Berry are three people White would invite to his BBQ

BBQ Guys – Instagram

The Rock, Mario Lopez and Halle Berry are three people White would invite to his BBQ

Conor McGregor doesn't make the cut


Conor McGregor doesn’t make the cut

“My three invites would be, probably The Rock,”

“Mario Lopez. I f***ing love Mario Lopez. I was with him last night in LA, we went to a fight together. And Halle Berry, my other buddy who was with me last night at the fights.

“What I would do is I would watch and eat whatever Halle eats. Do you know what I mean? Talk about someone who has been on their game for a long time.”

With or without the big-name guests, White’s house is truly epic.

The sports mogul’s luxurious residence is perfectly located in Las Vegas where he runs the UFC and seemingly parties with the stars when he’s not working.


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