UFC: Dana White critical of Jake Paul’s co-promoter: He needs to stay away from that damn warlock

Lately, UFC president Dana White has a lot to say about Jake Paul‘s entourage.

In recent statements he argued that the YouTuber’s media-worthy bout with Hasim Rahman Jr had to be called off due to low ticket sales, something that appears to be untrue.

“Here’s the reality, that warlock is not an af**king promoter,” he told Fight Hub TV about Nakisa Bidarian.

“Jake Paul needs to partner with a guy who can actually do his job.

“The warlock was an accountant with us, the UFC. He’ll save you a lot of work with taxes, that’s all. He needs to work with a real guy.

“If you look at all the greats, Don King, Ben Arum, they’re great. There’s a lot of guys who could do well.

“Paul needs to trust one of those guys and stay away from the f***ing warlock.

“Just because he’s worked in the UFC doesn’t mean you know how to put fights together.”

Jake Paul was quick to respond

Jake Paul is a very active fighter on social media, and precisely on Twitter, the YouTuber has been quick to respond to White.

“Dana, I know you’re proud of me,” he began.

“You still need to pay your fighters more and give them medical care. Your company makes a billion dollars a year.

“I have five fights under my belt. But you’ll be busy buying friends, too. I hope you feel better soon,”

It seems that the boxer did not like White’s words and shows no sign of changing his promoter.


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