Tributes to a 48-year-old man who was an ‘integral part’ of Eastbourne Cricket Club

Duncan Cameron, 48, died at his flat in Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia on August 12.

Mr Cameron moved to Malaysia seven years ago to work in golf marketing, but prior to that he lived in Eastbourne from 2000-2015.

Adam Blackburn was one of Mr. Cameron’s friends in Eastbourne.

Tributes to Duncan Cameron (photo from Adam Blackburn)

He said: “He would do anything for you, he opened up his house when I wasn’t in a good place and he also flew back from Kuala Lumpar five years ago on my wedding day as a total surprise.”

Mr Cameron was an ‘integral part’ of Eastbourne Cricket Club according to Mr Blackburn. He helped set up and run the fourth team for young people.

Mr Blackburn said: “He ensured that they played with a smile on their faces and enjoyed the game. Some of those players now play in the Southern Premier Cricket League and say that the passion and enthusiasm for Duncan has played a huge part in them enjoying their cricket until this day. He also played baseball for team GB before his cricketing journey and had the best arm I have ever seen.

“I miss him so much already and listening to the comments from the cricket Whatsapp group from all the players he played with have been in touch – some of which do not play in the area, some as far away as Holland and Namibia – has brought a tear to my eye but more importantly a huge smile.”

Tributes to Duncan Cameron: Duncan with his mother Mary. (photo from Adam Blackburn)

David Lockyer spoke on behalf of Eastbourne Cricket Club. He said: “My lasting memory of Duncan is a larger than life character, especially when he was captain of the Eastbourne Cricket Club third team.

“He led by example, whether it was with enormous sixes with the bat or his baseball-like throws from the boundary. Perhaps his greatest attribute was leading a young side and showing a great example of how to lead and encourage all who played for and with him.”

David Curant, another friend, has set up a Go Fund Me page on behalf of Mr Cameron’s mother.

Mr Curant says money raised will help get Mr Cameron back to the UK for his funeral.

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