Travel insider: Mermaiding for the first-timer

Mermaid diving – tail and all – lives under the same banner as freediving, scuba diving and snorkelling. PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, Sacha Williamson, of Northland’s Freedive Aotearoa, offers some advice for those who would like to swim like the mythical aquatic creature.

Imagine slipping under the water, one flick of your mermaid tail and you are gliding along effortlessly in the tranquil underwater world….wait what…your tail is not floating, you don’t know how to hold your breath properly, and you can’t move effectively. You rise out of the water like a sea beast, hair all over your face wondering how you can look like those beautiful mermaids you’ve seen.

There is a lot more to mermaid diving than it seems. There needs to be time spent in the water to feel comfortable, stacking skills and knowledge.

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Sacha Williamson New Zealand's only PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer.


Sacha Williamson New Zealand’s only PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer.

You can learn how to take a full breath and stay calm when you have the urge to breathe, how you can move comfortably in the water, with the added gear and using safe mermaiding practices. Don’t forget to get a great photo!

Be sure to talk to someone who is a mermaid in the water and cares about your safety and having an enjoyable experience. For your best results and experience, I recommend seeking out some training from a certified instructor – we now have some great ones here in New Zealand.

You absolutely must seek out some of our pristine destinations available for mermaiding, especially, the adventure mermaiding available all over New Zealand.

Find your merfolk, have fun and explore the underwater world your way.

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