To make sense of a busy NFL meeting

Commissioner Roger Gothel said any breach of integrity would be documented by the owners.Getty Images

The bottom line comes from the NFL’s annual meeting so fast, that it sometimes feels like a blur. There is a reason. To make it just a little exaggerated, owners and executives are more available these three days than the rest of the calendar. But here are my three great stories:

Low tolerance for owners with bad attitudes. Patience seems to be thinning for owners who are focusing on the good financial news coming out of the league. In particular, Commander Owner Don Snyder and Dolphin Owner Stephen Ross are very isolated as they are both under investigation.

Snyder was not in the meetings, and Commissioner Roger Goedel said he remained “not involved in the day-to-day operations” for “the foreseeable future” and that “at some point” he would speak to Snyder. Ross was there, but kept a low profile. At least one fellow owner has taken the rare step of addressing his case directly.

At the meetings, it became apparent that former SEC chair Mary Jo White – already investigating Snyder – also controls Ross’s investigation. Falcons owner Arthur Blank said of Ross: “The charges could be nothing more serious.”

Goodell has promised a written report on Snyder and said last week that any violation of Ross’s integrity would be documented. Both Snyder and Ross deny the allegations. Last week, too, the Washington Post reported that Congress was now seeking the commanders’ finances.

The NFL gives more teeth to the diversity rules. Marvel! It turns out that the league can recruit teams to recruit. For 20 years, the debate over minority coach numbers has been stalled, with the notion that owners will never stand up to the tough mandate. But for one reason or another, they did last week. Starting now, all teams must have an aggressive coach who is either a minority, a woman or both. Steelers owner Art Roni said his goal is to fix the pipeline: “It’s really an effort to get more talented minority coaches on the offensive side of the ball.”

It’s true Nowadays most head coaches come through on offense, which is more white than defense. But it is much bigger than that. This is an example. CBS Sports reporter Jonathan Jones called it “Rubicon Crossing.” It seems right

Free agency in high growth, trade. Jimmy and another Islam affiliate with Dishon Watson is unique, but this is hardly the only couple dropping this year. The Bucs and Rams’Super Bowl Wins Driving a Sea Change in NFL Roster Management Best Practices – Draft Out By Patient Building; NBA-style off-season shockers are in. The salary cap hides at the maximum disadvantages, but does not eliminate them, and not all employers are willing, or able, to take such risk. One wonders whether the NFL relationship survives between peaceful and non-existent.

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