The youth sports community mourns the loss of Julius Holt

TUCSON, Arizona (KOLD News 13) – Julius Holt passed away on Monday morning at the age of 60. He was in the hospital fighting pneumonia.

Holt was not only a former Wildcats player, but he made a huge impact on youth sports with the Tucson Youth Football and Spirit Federation. Including Canyon del Oro High School football player, Sa’Kilee Woodard.

This field in CDO high school is not just a place where football is played. It is a place where footballers grow. For Woodard, it’s all because of Holt.

“Probably one of the greatest mentors I’ve had … I strive to be like him,” Woodard said.

Holt would sit in the stands and watch Woodard play, sometimes giving fierce love.

“When he sees me, he says you should stay low. I would climb high. He wouldn’t even greet me, but would say, “you need to keep your ass down,” Woodard said.

Holt even had a nickname for you for Woodard.

“Double Nickel. He and my mom came up with it. I wear number 55 and I wear it in high school. Double Nickel, of course. “

Double NICKLE is only a sophomore in high school, but the University of Arizona football already has its eyes on him.

The president of the Tucson Youth Football and Spiritual Federation, Don Riley, who supervised the children, encouraged them in the stands and prepared them to play at the college level, was what Holt was.

Riley said that Holt was not only a role model for children, but also a mentor and his best friend.

“Thank you for sharing your father and, Lisa, thank you for sharing your husband with me,” he said.

But for Woodard, Holt’s influence on him was more than football.

“He was able to give me things from his experience and everything I want to do when I’m done with my career and future, I want to be able to implant small children … He’s as big as me and I feel like I’ll look like him when I’m older.” said Woodard.

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