The world is at Redbud Motocross this weekend

BUCHANAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WNDU) – Motocross Des nations, or Motocross of Nations, is known as the Olympics of MX, and this weekend it’s bringing teams of athletes from over 34 countries to Redbud.

“You kind of want to pinch yourself, and go, is this for real?” Is the world really here? says Redbud Partner Amy Ritchie.

Each country’s top three riders are here trying to win the Chamberlain Trophy.

Now, for only the fifth time since it started, Motocross Des Nations is taking place in America, and for only the second time at Redbud.

“Redbud is epic, I mean, it’s America’s motocross track, and some consider it to have the best dirt bike soil in the world,” says Matt Davis, Vice President of Throttle Jockey from Kokomo, Ind.

And Team USA says they like their odds of winning this year.

“We’re going to give it our all. We haven’t won the race in 11 years as USA, so, I think we have a really good chance this year, but the competition, obviously around the whole world, is very tough…There’s no other races like it,” says Team USA racer, Eli Tomac.

Another aspect of Motocross Six Nations coming to Michiana is the economic impact it has.

“We’ve heard from a lot of the restaurants and bars, and you know anywhere you can stop to buy any kind of goods,” says Ritchie.

Fans that aren’t camping out at the track, stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, and they all contribute to the economy of the area.

Local business owners say the exposure it has given them is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“You know because being an American based company.. but now it’s like the world is coming to us. So, to have them, in our back yard, is awesome,” Davis says.

This weekend Redbud, “America’s Motocross track,” is a melting pot.

“It’s just cool to see the world come together. They don’t have to speak the same language, but they all speak motocross,” Ritchie says.

Opening ceremonies were held Friday night, while races will take place Saturday and Sunday.

For information on this weekend’s events, and how to get tickets, click here.


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