The Soccer World Cup published ‘What the World Cup Means for Me’ eBook

“What the World Cup Means for Me” is an eBook with articles, personal essays revealing the meaning of the World Cup, from their first time being introduced to the Festival in Memories that marked them Forever.

Participants include Rebecca Lowe, Simon Kuper, Brian Phillips and Danny Higginbotham, among US football writers, Analysts, TV presenters and different personalities.

Miami, FL – April 5, 2022 – World Soccer Talk®, the leading American news watch company that delivers the best soccer games and broadcast schedules and the latest football news and information, published today “What the World Cup Means for Me”, an eBook compiling a collection of short essays from a variety of soccer personalities highlighting their personal stories that look at what a great soccer competition means to them. From the time they first were introduced to the tournament to the memories that marked them forever, this book is available for download at

“‘The meaning of the World Cup’ for me is to celebrate the meaning of the FIFA World Cup,” said Soccer World Cup Publisher Christopher Harris. “It will be beyond football games. It means everything to the hundreds of millions of football fans around the world. But it also means something different to all of us, which is why we wanted to hold stories for celebrities and fans. “

This is the second edition of the series “What the World Cup Means for Me” launched for the first time in 2010. The book contains 25 essays from authors, commentators, television presenters and various names in the football industry. Sponsors include:

● Simon Kuper, author of Soccernomics and author of the Financial Times
● Rebecca Lowe, NBC sports broadcaster
● Danny Higginbotham, football analyst for NBC Sports, ESPN, and Philadelphia Union
● Ian Joy, a football analyst for CBS Sports and New York FC
● Tim Vickery, a soccer journalist
● Adam Spangler, executive director of Nike
● Tommy Smyth, Grumpy Pundits co-host
● Brian Phillips, a New York Times best-selling author
● Phil Schoen, a BeIn Sports analyst
● John Devlin, True Color Designer and Author
● Laurence McKenna, True Geordie and Kickoff co-host
● John Nicholson, author ofFootball 365 and author of the book “Can We Recover Our Football?
● Misha Sher, global head of sports, entertainment, and culture at Mediacom
● Jonathan Tannenwald, Philadelphia Inquirer football writer
● Janusz Michallik, football analyst for ESPN and Sirius XM
● Chris Oakley, designer for Kitbliss
● Daryl Grove, former Total Soccer Show Podcast
● Christopher Harris, Publisher of the World Football Talk
● Peter Lupson, author of “Thank God for Football” and “Across the Park”
● Kyle Fansler, editor of the World Soccer Talk theme
● Kartik Krishnaiyer, senior author of the World Cup Speech
● Juan Arango, a football analyst
● Richard Farley, producer of soccer content
● Richard Whittall, author
● Paul Bestall, director of Mysteries and Monsters podcast

World Soccer Talk has published many eBooks covering a wide range of football topics including the media, style guidelines, league growth and personal experiences following popular sporting events around the world. Among their published books are Blue and Envy – My American Journey to Manchester City and SoccerWarz: Within the American Soccer Feud between MLS, NASL and USL, both available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, SmashWords and all the major booksellers.


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