The Saints-Eagles are changing their ratings: New Orleans has multiple passes in the first round, while Philly is looking at 2023.

With only a few weeks left until the 2022 NFL draft, the draft committee has not yet been appointed. On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles sent the 16th overall pick, the 19th overall pick, then the sixth round pick to the New Orleans Saints for total pick 18, the third round pick, the seventh round pick and the first round pick in 2023 and the second round pick in 2024. years.

There are a few obvious things that stand out immediately from this agreement. First, the Saints wanted multiple spades in the first round this year, while the Eagles are in line to give up one of their three spades in the first round and look at 2023 and 2024. What does that mean for quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and James Winston?

In the following, we will try to evaluate this trade focused on proposals.

Eagles: A-

Even with this exchange, the Eagles still have two spades in the first round of the draft – and they did not have to separate from their best spades in the 15th position. They also ensured that they again have multiple choices in the first round of the 2023 draft! Even before the exchange, four of our five CBS Sports NFL Draft experts forced Philly to choose a broad receiver in the first round, and you have to think the Eagles are locked in one. The first receiver drafted this year is expected to come in the top 10, and by the time the Eagles are selected, he could be in the middle of running in wide positions.

There is something more to this deal, and it has to do with Hurts. This draft class is not seen as one that is strong in the quarterback position, but that should change in 2023. CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora says the Eagles showed some foresight in an attempt to be positioned to take over the quarterback in 2023 if Hurts can’t prove he’s that 2022. That’s always possible, but even if Hurts gives up in 2022, the Eagles will sit nicely with multiple first-round spades to keep up. develop around him.

Giving up the peak in the first round due to the peak of the third round, the player of the seventh round and the two future spades, including the player of the first round next year, is solid. Hovie Roseman is certainly excited.

Saints: B

Saints are our technical “losers” in this trade, but “loser” is not an appropriate term. New Orleans obviously wanted more selections in the middle of the first round and made sure the deal happened. There are several narratives around this trade of saints. They could take a quarterback like Kenny Pickett from Pittsburgh or Matt Coral from Ole Miss with their extra pick in the first round, without drastically changing their game plan in the draft. However, they signed a multi-year contract with Winston this off-season, so they could also choose to build around him.

Josh Edwards from CBS Sports says that the two biggest needs of Saints in the draft are a wide receiver and a left fight. Both needs could be met in the first round. Alabama receiver Jameson Williams, Traylon Burks from Arkansas and maybe Chris Olave from Ohio are expected to visit the area. Giving Winston another legitimate expansion could help this Saints offense reach new heights.

As for the place to fight, the Saints could target Tyler Smith of Tulsa, Charles Cross of Mississippi if he falls, or one of my favorite players, Trevor Penning of North Iowa, in the middle of the first round. It hurts to give up the peak of the third round, and then the future player of the first and second rounds, but New Orleans obviously has a plan.

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