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The terminus coach has become implanted in our daily vocabulary. We usually associate him with a trainer, but he coaching it goes much further than what it consists of help, orient and train one or more people to achieve their objectives. Currently, it has become very fashionable in various fields such as sports, business, education… but recently the figure of the beauty coachwhich specializes in the world of beauty.

At some point in our life, when we want to take a personal or professional tour, we need a personal guide to help us overcome obstacles and power reflect with our image what we truly want to communicate. To achieve this successfully, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the hands of professionals who will use personalized tools and strategies for each individual.

At the time of changing our image, we have always thought of the figure of personal shopperese professional in charge of advising us on the form of dress that favors us most. But what about other aspects related to beauty? Just as important as the clothes we use, it can be hairstyle, make-up or skin care. That’s where one’s work comes into play beauty coach.

From THE OBJECTIVE let’s analyze this new service in more depth of beauty coach that cada día is more demanded. We will learn what his job consists of and how to change the way others (and us) come to us, increasing our confidence and self-esteem.

What is a ‘beauty coach’?

Do not beauty coach could be translated as a beauty trainer. It is a professional whose objective is that his client knows well how his skin and his body are detect their problems and solve them through the use of cosmetics, physical exercise and new dietary guidelines.

It is important to know what type of cosmetics we should use.  (Source: Freepik)
It is important to know what type of cosmetics we should use. (Source: Freepik)

His scope of work is as wide as he is beauty coach you need to have different professional training in different fields of beauty to be able to detect the problems of each person and identify their causes to find the best solution. So, these experts They are the order of the day on aesthetics, cosmetics, sport or nutrition.

Its functions are to advise and train the people who hire its services. With the guidelines he gives you beauty coach you can also detect your virtues and strong points to enhance them to the maximum. The goal is to project an image that fits your physical characteristics and your lifestyle. Therefore, ie a totally individualized job in which expert and client go hand in hand in a process of personal knowledge.

You are currently a service demanded and offered mostly by women. The work of a beauty coach starts with a personal interview with the client to know their needs and aspirations. In this initial meeting, an in-depth study of the skin is carried out and a questionnaire is carried out to learn about lifestyle and eating habits.

But a good one beauty coach it does not remain only in the physical aspect but rather that the emotional part also works. For a woman to feel better about her image, not only is she able to recommend which cosmetics she should use, she also has to treat self-esteem and self-knowledge.

Reasons for hiring their services

Now you know what one’s job consists of beauty coach, you may be considering hiring their services. To help you, here are the five main reasons to hire the experience of a beauty professional:

  1. you will succeed offer the best version of yourself which will positively influence all emotions related to the physical aspect.
  2. With the extra self-esteem achieved, you will be more able to achieve your goals which can be translated into a professional or personal tour.
  3. You will avoid negative thoughts o dañinos, both to yourself and to others
  4. It will serve for regain motivation for what used to make you feel good
  5. You will be able to benefit from all of them the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle with a change in diet and the practice of physical exercise that will also help you rest better.

That’s how it is on a daily basis

There is nothing better than talking to a professional in the sector to find out first hand how their daily work is. Piluka de Echegaray has been working as a personal image professional for over 20 years and corporate. Famous public figures have passed through their hands as actors, influencers and singers as well as politicians, businessmen or elite athletes. Today he directs the Piluka Echegaray Institute where he teaches courses, both online and face-to-face.

The beauty coach Piluka de Echegaray
The beauty coach Piluka de Echegaray

QUESTION: What does one’s job consist of? beauty coach?

ANSWER: The work of a personal image consultant consists of analyzing the physical, intellectual and social characteristics of the client and assessing their lifestyle. Finally, along with it, goals and objectives are set. Based on all this, a study is carried out if you create a strategy to create that image that really represents it.

P: What aspects does one work on? beauty coach?

A: Everything must be worked on. A good image consultant has training in different subjects: clothing, hairdressing, make-up, hair implants, aesthetic medicine, behavior, verbal and non-verbal expression, etc. The advisor will advise and refer to the necessary professionals in each case. He can advise you on the hairstyle that best suits you, but it doesn’t bother you.

Personal training.  (Source: Freepik/javi_indy)
Personal training. (Source: Freepik/javi_indy)

P: How does physical appearance affect our self-esteem?

A: Directly and constantly. Green makes you feel good. It’s as if your brain received the message of “calm down, everything’s fine out there”. Of course self-esteem requires more work, not just the image, but the aspect has an important weight.

P: Can our personality be reflected through the way we dress or arrange ourselves?

A: Absolutely. This is what good advice is all about and that will attract situations, people and things that have to do with our true reality.

It’s a job that would be good for all of us

P: What kind of people come to the aid of beauty coaching?

A: The profile is very varied, but above all those that, for his profession, his media exposure is more demanding. After a romantic breakup, a professional promotion, weight loss or gain… any important change can be an excuse to go to an advisor. It’s a job that would be good for all of us.

Consult a beauty coach.  (Source: Freepik/drobotdean)
Consult a beauty coach. (Source: Freepik/drobotdean)

P: What training usually have this type of coaches?

A: Training in personal image, certain knowledge in sociology and social behavior, social protocol, some knowledge in certain aspects of psychology, non-verbal language and, of course, be up to date with trends. But just having knowledge of trends would make him a fashion stylist but not an image consultant, this is a very common mistake.

P: Is it a one-time service or is it maintained over time?

A: It can be a one-time service, like for a concrete event, or it can be maintained in time. It depends on the comfort, availability and economy of the customer. My recommendation is to keep it for a year so that the advisor can accompany the client on the journey of the four seasons and help him gradually adapt his image to each climate and social situation.

The beauty coach will also advise on nutritional issues
The beauty coach will also advise on nutritional issues. (Source: Freepik/fxquadro)

P: Is it necessary for the client to be actively involved in this change process?

A: It depends on the client and the advisor. I always involve the client quite a bit then I must put myself in his shoes and understand his own perception of aesthetics. He has to send a message to others but, the most important, is the one he sends to himself.

P: ¿Cuánto puede cost los servicios de un beauty coach?

A: In my case, an image analysis has a cost of €650a wardrobe analysis €490 and a shopping trip an average of €390. It’s not something expensive.

If you have ever thought of putting yourself in the hands of a professional to make a change of image, now you know the figure of beauty coach that will be able to help you in a process that covers all areas of your physical appearance.

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