The NHL continues to admire the violent payoff for the exciting game

Trevor Zegras (second from left) is held back during a fight.

Trevor Zegras (second from left) is held back during a fight.
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The appeal of hockey, for fans of an island that is shrinking day by day and more and more covered by a new sport (though not big enough), is that these three are no longer sports. There are good reasons for that, we all love our sects. And then there are the bad reasons why it is rooted in racism and sexism.

However, those who practice hockey, and many who follow it, like it to be like the other three major sports. The powers that be love this kind of income, and fans just want the game to be more interesting, more fun, and more connected to more people. This past weekend was a great example of how hockey seems to be unable to escape the clutches of the swamp in which it has long lived.

Anaheim Trevor Zegras, who has become Lord of Cool Stuff this season, did another interesting job against the Coyotes on Friday.

Undoubtedly, this is something that needs to happen more on the NHL icy surfaces, and even if it does not, this is what the NHL should want people to think is happening on a regular basis. It’s fun, it’s as impressive as the fuck, and it goes to consciousness Through social media because it almost immediately creates a great highlight. More and more is consumed through exercise. And Zegras Slicing then only feeds it. that is cool! Fans love it. Otherwise, why do we have to constantly look at the suits that NBA or NFL players wear in the pre-game arena?

But swagger and panache have always been the enemies of hockey. The old guard wants it as faceless as possible, to reinforce the fact that this is the ultimate team game (which can still be sprinkled with moments of individual brilliance). And in the darker corners, which are never too far away or so immersed in the spirit of hockey, their reason for hating individualism and how they view it as “other sports” is what a dog whistle sounds like. So you get caught like this:

In any other sport, like coyotes, you will definitely suck on your ass, and at the end of a game with the kids attacking your ass six ways until Sunday, you will laugh. Suspensions flow like a river. For weeks, ESPN spokespersons have been shouting.

In hockey, it is the “way”.

What got the sport more attention was Coyotes TV analyst Tyson Nash, who encouraged it to the point of applause. Now, Nash goes back to his playing days. Nash could have been one of the Palukas who wanted to punch Zegras or Troy Terry because he could not hope to keep moving. Players like Zagras and Terry put the red tire on Nash’s chest during the game days. His television career has not been much better, one of the highlights being that he praised Rafi Torres after the end of Marianne Hosa in 2012.

Now, you can dismiss Nash as merely a local TV broadcaster who is probably tired of watching the UTs give them to him at night. But this is not the world we live in, because these things become clear and then reach everyone. This is what hockey looks like right now for everyone, especially for those who do not watch it regularly. And why them?

Another problem with hockey is that few skilled players enter the TV booth. Because it is generally the fourth category and the giants who become the camera licenses during their acting career. Nash Here Paul Bisont is one of TNT’s leading analysts. Go through the local distribution teams and you will see a collection of fourth line plugs and d-men pairs. At least Eddie Olczyk was a scorer, but even he has ideas that are inconsistent with modern times. Sure, Mark Messier and Chris Clius are the kids at ESPN Studios, but they come from another time, and Clius is still Mesozoic. How this sport is presented, how it shows itself to the world. This is not his best face.

Nash tried to apologize I just saw him sink deeper into his stupid hole, and obviously he did not notice. The other man who does not understand it is Brent Suppel, who should know better, because he is the champion of the 2010 Kyle Beach-Chicago Black Hawks scandal.

Given its history and the feelings of sections of the fans who can not escape it and also continue to entertain themselves, there are some very unpleasant pitfalls in mourning Suppel to become other sports, sports that hockey can not hide. You know what he says even if he does not say it.

And Supel should know, if he was not so busy celebrating, the idea that hockey players could not stand out is what leads to the horrible things that happened to Sahel and many others. The fear of “rocking the boat” and “going out of the room” is the biggest fear for hockey players that keeps them quiet. This is what keeps people above them, who should protect them instead of trying to keep everything quiet and out of sight. Anyway, the enemy is distracted in hockey. Being a victim is only seen as a different form of the enemy of individualism.

The two paths the NHL and hockey can take are no clearer. There are neon lights and Zegras joy. There is a Nash dinosaur path. The fact that Jay Beagle has not been suspended, and the fact that the man in charge of such things is the former immoral George Parus, lets you know where he is still going.

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