The NHL chapter proves that equality is overestimated

I often refer to the 2014-2015 season when assessing the overall NHL welfare and visibility. That spring, Jimmy Benn ended the season with a hat-trick, four points, to take the Art Ross Cup away from then-New York Islands captain John Tavares.

Scenes, right? Well somehow

For the Dallas Stars captain, it was a very special achievement and probably a once in a lifetime, but the Benn season was at its best in every historical context.

In no world is 87 points enough to earn a title.

Fortunately, in the NHL, where we are moving seven seasons fast today, the picture is quite different. In fact, there is an argument that despite all the fuss over the financial consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic, player safety issues, refereeing questions, salary ceiling integration issues, it has never been better. . Bypass, and everything in between.

It is assumed that scoring is what draws most fans to the sport in the first place.

Since the early to mid-2010s after the rule changes initially led to more post-locking scores, we have been moving in the reverse alarm curve to levels of points that hockey fans are not used to.

The teams, led by some of the most prolific hockey players in the hockey season, are averaging more than 3.1 goals per game in the 2021-22 season. It has been the busiest season in the NHL for the last quarter of a century, with an average of more than a third per game compared to last season. Best thing: Unlike the first few seasons that were unlocked, scoring is not due to increased game power, and instead uniform production has been almost entirely responsible for changes in the game.

There is no clear reason why this season is becoming the highest-scoring season in modern history, but when we compare the game to the previous seven seasons, it is clear that the NHL has benefited from a myriad of talents.

People like Connor McDavid, Aston Matthews, Krill Kaprizoff, Kiel Makar, Artemi Panarin, and Jack Hughes helped lead the influx of talent that was not readily available at the time, while others like Leon Drysitel and Johnny kept the game alive. They helped. Gaudreau was just getting their feet wet.

We should not conclude from the season that was shortened last year due to the epidemic, the season that exists as a tipping point. However, most of the same players who led this season’s results were last year, which suggests there are other explanations for the overall aesthetic improvement.

One of them is the general fluctuations, or more specifically, the inequality that the league has worked so hard to create.

There are brilliant teams – even brilliant divisions – that are balanced by a lot of terrific teams. Now, this counteracts the conventional thinking and the idea that more competitive teams upgrade to next season and thus improve the overall product. The fact that we have known the eight Eastern Conference teams for months has kept Gary Batman awake at night in every previous season. But instead, what he and the rest of us may realize is that the presence of amazing teams and really attractive seasons can make the product more effective than the conventional – and now largely non-existent – set of middle teams competing for it. Carry. Post-season waste

The Florida Panthers certainly qualify for the “extraordinary” situation and with 4.12 goals per game with the highest scoring rate since 1995-1996, only 13 games remain on the schedule. Who has not enjoyed being thrown by them?

Florida shows what is also true, and that is that the best teams are built on offensive foundations, not strict defensive tactics.

Sure, there are teams that effectively kill opponents, but some of the best teams score on average or above the league average. The Toronto Maple Leafs, Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers are among the teams that score and concede more than three goals per game on average, while teams such as the Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche are perhaps the best to participate in. Have a fire department.

However, it is the bad teams that can increase the score more than anything. Four of the five teams that have scored more easily in the last decade are competing in the league this season. But to their credit, the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Columbus Blue Jackets and New Jersey Devils have been relatively competitive. Detroit, for example, has scored more goals per game than any other team in the last quarter of a century – more than the previous low-scoring score set by the Atlanta Trushers – and is still ranked 11th in the conference. Although Red Wings is very flawed, it has been hard to watch.

As it goes, the increase in scores has led to amazing individual successes, which most teams can say they are involved in.

With just under a month to go, Matthews and Drysitel have surpassed the 50-goal mark and can conceive of 60 goals each.

There are at least six players with a potential of 50 goals and 15 players with 80 three-digit points. We can see that 30 players will reach Art Ross Bennen’s 87-point record before the end of the season. As the range expands, one defender – Roman Josie – can reach 100 points, while another – Calais Macar – can score 30 goals.

Currently, there are 29 goal scorers with 30 goals with the possibility of 75 players with the potential to reach a point that some time ago was the standard of an exclusive club.

While it may be a bit ambitious from the point of view of prediction, it is five times more than Benn’s Art Ross Art season, where 15 successes are now very achievable.

Accordingly: 13 teams scored 30 goals in the 2014-15 season, which will double this season. In fact, it is possible that Flyers, Blues, Canadiens and Coyotes alone could not produce 30 goals, but it should be noted that the Blues could have 8 players with 20 goals and Clayton Keller was two shy players. He reached 30 before he was injured at the end of the season in Arizona.


Every NHL season is informative.

From the point of view of this year ‘s fans, and perhaps the strength of the league as a whole, it is possible for us to learn that the unequal expansion of talent and a world where fewer teams compete legally or falsely is in the interest of the game.

That is, perhaps we should embrace the really great teams that come and go – in the style of the Golden State Warriors – and we should not pretend to be with others.

The fluctuations, inequalities and distortions of this season, almost ironically, have led to an extraordinary viewing experience.

Fascinating competitions are held every night. There are performances in almost every market that you can get excited about. If you bet on overs, it is a dream.

It’s been a different NHL from 2021-22, and in that case it’s better.

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