The NFL totally whiffed on Jalen Wydermyer

Former Texas A&M football TE Jalen Wydermyer’s draft stock has the worst plummet of any player in the country

How does a productive college football tight end go from a first-round projected pick to an undrafted free agent in under a year? It’s the question that all Texas A&M football fans have been wondering about for the past week.

Generally speaking, you can point to injuries or off-field issues like this one. But after a productive 2021 season without any of those variables, Jalen Wydermyer still managed to see his draft stock plummet. Heck, having gone undrafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, the argument could have been made that his draft stock completely disappeared.

Wydermyer will eventually be picked up by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent but the question still looms – why did this happen?

Poor testing

The simple answer here is simply in regards to Jalen Wydermyer’s poor offseason. The Aggie tight end didn’t just test poorly – he had arguably the worst test numbers of virtually any player in the country.

There were already whispers that Wydermyer’s athleticism could hold him back at the next level and his Texas A&M Pro Day did him no favors.

Now … before I get too far into this, I’d like it to know that Pro Day numbers are notoriously unreliable. Plenty of players put up unrealistically impressive numbers that are inflated by their respective coaching staff on a yearly basis. This was obviously not the case with Texas A&M, as virtually every player who had a rough day. Take a look at these 40-yard dash times.

If you’re an NFL GM, there are two conclusions you can draw here. The first, and the most common of the chances, is that the Texas A&M football team is full of extremely slow players. The second and, in my opinion, the greater possibility here is that Texas A&M is one of the few schools that didn’t fudge the numbers. Still, these numbers compare poorly to the NFL combine, which is the most important area to test.

Wydermyer’s 5.03 40-yard dash time was accompanied by a 9-foot-1 broad jump and 25.5-inch vertical. These are all very bad numbers, regardless of the circumstance.

Apparently, it was enough to erase the productivity of three consecutive seasons in the SEC, the best conference in the country. To an extent, it makes sense to see him drop in the draft. But to slip completely out of the NFL Draft?

It’s hard to say that Wydermyer will become an NFL star but he was productive at a high level – I can almost guarantee that he makes an impact at the next level.

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