The Friday Flyer | Learning to scuba dive through magic

Learning to scuba dive through magic

Chef Anton of Canyon Lake is a Master Scuba Diving Instructor and teaches more than 30 different types of scuba. He can assist anyone to become scuba certified or re-certified to get their training and certifications.

His approach to his scuba instruction is rather unique and unorthodox. Chef uses magic as the vehicle to teach all of his classes.

“I believe in the Five M’s: Magic Makes the Message More Memorable,” he said. “By integrating magic into teaching, I find students are more relaxed and able to grasp scuba concepts more easily.”

Chef trains in his year-round heated pool which he says looks like a Mexican Resort. The open water dives take place at any of the Southern California dive sites such as La Jolla, Laguna and Catalina.

Photo provided by Chef Anton

Chef is an award winning magician from Hollywood’s Magic Castle. With his method of teaching scuba diving with magic, he is able to combine his love for magic with his love for scuba diving.

Last year, Chef created the PADI scuba magician distinctive specialty which now includes over 1,000 instructors worldwide. He recently earned his PADI Master Instructor certification.

Chef took to diving in 2019 during a vacation with wife Lezlie Riniti, also a dive master.

“I was instantly hooked,” he said. “For an entire year, I took every class I could to gain knowledge that would help keep me safe while diving. The only thing I enjoy more than learning is teaching and the only thing I enjoy more than teaching is learning. I learned from every student I taught.”

A PADI Master Instructor is the second highest professional scuba achievement. A PADI Master Instructor is recognized as an elite scuba diving educator who through dedication and hard work, proves to be a dive industry leader. The Master Instructor rating exemplifies what it means to be a scuba diving professional through teaching efforts and professional conduct.

Photo provided by Chef Anton

“To achieve PADI Master Instructor in less than three years from the time I was certified is an example of perseverance and unequaled ability to focus on long-term goals,” he said. “I share my secret to achieving personal and professional goals in my seminars that I call, ‘I Am’.”

The I Am Course is a 21-day self-improvement course that has helped thousands of people achieve their goals, he said.

“I credit my wife Lezlie for supporting me and my goals and she is the best dive buddy anyone could hope to have,” Chef said. “We love to dive together and Lezlie is an incredible Dive Master and she helps assist me in classes. Lezlie also takes many of the photos and videos we use in the Scuba Magician Specialty classes. We regularly go on dive vacations and we plan to keep teaching more dive classes in the future.”

For more information on taking a class with Chef, call 909-559-0735 or visit www.Scu

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