The Earthquake outclasses the opponent for the national boxing title

LIMPOPO – A female boxer from Tshidzini, Raider Muleba also known as ‘The Earthquake’, recently excelled in the male-dominated sport of boxing after she outclassed female lightweight champion, Kholosa Ndobayeni from the Eastern Cape for the national boxing championship title at the Nkowankowa Sports Grounds in Tzaneen last Sunday evening.

Muleba won in the lightweight champion of 10 rounds.

She started boxing in high school and joined the boxing team in a rural village in Vhembe under trainer John Nemakonde because she wanted to be fit for the sport.

She said the boxing coach was impressed with her progress and she made it in the amateur boxing category 12 years ago.

“Muleba is a hard-working boxer who strives to be the best in everything she touches in life. There is no sport that was designed for certain genders. As women we are restricted a lot and undermined in boxing, which gives us more reason to improve in the sport.”

She said that she wanted to defend the title at least twice and challenge for the World Boxing Federation (WBC) before the end of her career.

Nemakonde believes that Muleba did well despite not having enough time to prepare for her fight.

“She took a few beautiful jabs at her opponent. I’m very happy with her performance,” he said.

“Muleba joined my stable in 2010 and finally, the aggravation and loyalty has paid off after Muleba won the title.”

He added that on Sunday, Muleba put up her best performance to date.

“She was focused and worked according to a sound game-plan and, most of all, she did not play around in the ring. She has been training in my gym and her hard work, consistency in preparations and her realization that boxing is her career, paid off. The sport helps her to put food on the table for her family.”

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