The Cavaliers Bickerstaff is calling for a trial after the 76ers’ defeat: ‘We deserved to win that game’

Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff was not satisfied with the trial during the Cleveland defeat by the Philadelphia 76ers with 112-108 on Sunday night. Philadelphia shot 42 free throws in the game – compared to 31 for Cleveland – and Bickerstaff was particularly unhappy with the number of calls to Sixers stars Joel Embide (20 free throws) and James Harden (12 attempts).

“We deserved to win that game. That game was taken away from us,” Bickerstaff told “We did a great job on defense, we made it difficult for their two best players from the field. But one thing you can’t defend is the free throw line. That is absurd. That is absurd. Our guys deserve much better than what they got. tonight.

It was the rhythm of the evening. They are great players, aren’t they? They understand how to play by the rules and know how to manipulate the rules. This is not knocking or disrespecting these guys. But the game must be consistent on both sides of the floor. at one end, it’s a foul. The contact at the other end must be a foul. We were looking for that consistency tonight and I don’t think we ever found it. ”

Below you can see Bickerstaff’s complete comments:

With the loss, Cleveland fell even more from the first six places in the Eastern Conference playoffs. At this point, it seems almost certain that the Cavs will be in the game tournament. The defeat was also the fifth consecutive Cleveland of Philadelphia, including all four games this season. Maybe Bickerstaff should blame the officials for all those losses.

Seriously, it’s pretty embarrassing for an NBA coach to attribute the entire loss due to a foul, especially when his team took 31 free throws. Embiid was physically the most dominant player on the floor on Sunday night, as is often the case, and the Cavs obviously had no answer for him, other than hacking him and sending him to the line, over and over again. Maybe if Bickerstaff had come up with a better game plan to limit the MVP candidate, his team would not have been forced to commit so many fouls.

In addition to sounding stupid, Bickerstaff will probably be punished by the league for criticizing officials.

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