NBA draft combine: Biggest questions, scrimmage standouts from Thursday

NBA draft combine: Biggest questions, scrimmage standouts from Thursday

CHICAGO – The initial pair of combine scrimmages took place Thursday, with two more coming Friday as teams continue to hold interviews and conduct business behind the scenes. As usual, when the entire league gathers in one place for an extended period of time, information travels and draft speculation starts to get serious. A series … Read more

NBA draft, transfer portal give NCAA stars crucial options

Keion Brooks Jr. may be in the transfer portal, but don’t ask him which schools are recruiting him. He doesn’t know. “I couldn’t even tell you who’s recruiting me or who’s reaching out because I just let my parents handle it all,” Brooks told reporters Monday. Brooks is one of six players at this year’s … Read more

Stephen Curry, Warriors rout Mavericks in Game 1

SAN FRANCISCO – Steph Curry was trapped in the corner, all escape routes and passing lanes cut off, leaving few options, none of them great. Curry being Curry, he chose the highest-degree-of-difficulty play: a no-look, looping, over-the-shoulder pass that could easily have been a turnover but somehow found its way to Draymond Green, back by … Read more

2022 NBA Draft Lottery: Behind the scenes of Orlando Magic’s Win

CHICAGO – “We’re going to get this ball rolling,” said Jamin Dershowitz, the NBA’s assistant general counsel, an unintentional pun that kicked off one of the league’s most elaborate — and perhaps a little absurd — postseason events. The NBA draft lottery has been around since 1985, back when David Stern, annoyed at a handful … Read more

NCAA transfer portal has cautionary tales like Josiah Jeffers

Radford, Va., Is home to the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, touted as “America’s Favorite Drive,” miles and miles of breathtaking vistas and ethereal sunsets looming over old historic buildings and picturesque farmsteads. It’s a quaint, mountainside community with just north of 17,000 people surrounding the city’s namesake university. There, 4,000 fans pack the Dedmon Center … Read more

An Ode to Danny Green

Between Luka and the Mavs taking Phoenix’s soul, the relentless chatter surrounding the Ja Morant injury, the fantastic Celtics-Bucks series and the fever pitch that descended upon James Harden, Doc Rivers and the Sixers after their dud of a season-ending loss, I worry that one of the league’s most depressing story lines of the week … Read more

Javier Baez, Marcus Semien among MLB shortstops to worry about

Welcome to The Opener, where every weekday morning during the regular season you’ll get a fresh, topical story to start your day from one of’s MLB writers. Twenty-five years ago — long before Avengers: Infinity War staked its claim to this title — the most ambitious crossover event in history took place. High art … Read more