Steelers draftee narrowly misses list of top-15 players from 2019 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an interesting 2019 draft. Here’s why their third-round pick almost cracked a list of the best players from the class.

Three years ago, if I were to ask you to look ahead to 2022 and predict which Pittsburgh Steelers player from the 2019 NFL Draft would be considered a top-15 talent from that class, everyone and their mother would have said Devin Bush.

During the pre-draft process in 2019, Bush became a rising star, and it looked like the only way Pittsburgh was going to be able to land the athletic Michigan linebacker was in a trade-up scenario. This proved to be the case.

The Denver Broncos were reportedly interested in Bush with the 10th overall pick, but they were willing to part with the pick in order to pick up an extra second and third-round draft choice – having TE Noah Fant as a trade-in with their backup plan. back.

After the trade with the Broncos, the Steelers had a top 10 pick for the first time since taking Plaxico Burress in 2000. Unfortunately, the first three years of his NFL career have not gone according to plan, and an ACL tear in early 2020. The season certainly didn’t help his progress.

Three years later, analysts Bucky Brooks made a list of the top 15 players from the 2019 draft class. While Bush was (unsurprisingly) nowhere to be found, the Steelers had a representative that cracked the list of this talented draft class.

Former third-round wide receiver, Diontae Johnson, was listed with some players who ‘just missed’ the top-15. Nine others joined him, including WR Marquise Brown and former 3rd overall pick, DT Quinnen Williams.

The 2019 draft class was flooded with wide receivers who proved to be much better than most anticipated. Deebo Samuel (3rd), AJ Brown (5th), DK Metcalf (7th), and Terry McLaurin (11th) each made the Brooks’ top-15 list. His final spot on the list was given to Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow – which is sure to raise some controversy.

The Steelers were one of the biggest steals of the 2019 draft

Regardless of where you slated him among the impressive talent from the 2019 draft class, there’s no question that the Steelers got tremendous value out of Diontae Johnson. In fact, I would go as far as to say that he was one of the steals of the entire draft.

It’s remarkably rare that you find a receiver in the third round who you can pepper with thanks to his ability to win from the ‘X’ position. With an innate ability to create separation and some slippery moves after the catch, Johnson has proven to be a valuable asset to this Steelers team. In 2021, he earned 107 catches, 1,161 receiving yards, and 8 touchdowns, via Pro Football Reference.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Johnson, however. Fans remember all too well the immense struggles he had during the 2020 season. After showing promise as a rookie, Johnson was widely inconsistent in his second season and led the NFL in passing passes, according to the Pro Football Reference.

Fortunately, he was able to turn things around to become a player who is now considered to be one of the best talents from the 2019 NFL Draft class. Entering his rookie deal of the final season, Johnson is seeking a lofty new contract extension that will pay him off as one of the top receivers in the NFL.

Since Antonio Brown forced his way out the door, the Steelers have been looking for a player who could take his place. Johnson is obviously not the same talent, but he doesn’t prize a bad consolation.

While I haven’t given up on him completely, it looks like Devin Bush is going to be a pretty bad pick by the Steelers. Fortunately, striking gold on Diontae Johnson’s third round of the 2019 draft helps soften the blow of their wasted top-10 pick.

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