Stafford and Kupp No. 1? Ranking the NFL’s five best QB-WR duos

There was an unprecedented movement throughout this year’s NFL In the offseason, quarterbacks and wide receivers. It broke up some of the league’s better passing-receiving pairings and formed some compelling new ones.

So, which duos will be the best in 2022? “Speak For Yourself” co-hosts Emmanuel Acho and Marcellus Wiley offer their personal top fives.

Ranking the Top 5 NFL QB / WR Duos

Ranking the Top 5 NFL QB / WR Duos

This NFL offseason has been the most eventful in recent memory, with tons of notable shakeups involving the passing game. Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho highlight the top NFL quarterbacks and wide receiver duos.

Let’s get into it.

Patrick Mahomes/Travis Kelce, Chiefs

Rank: No. 5 (Acho, Wiley)

Acho’s thoughts: “Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes would have been higher on my list, but without Tyreek Hill, all the focus now is when you’re playing that Kansas City offense, it’s going to go to Travis Kelce. I’m going to make JuJu Smith- Schuster prove himself. I’m going to make Mecole Hardman prove himself. I’m going to make the Kansas City Chiefs’ run game prove themselves. Until then, first down, I’m doubling Travis Kelce. Doubling Travis Kelce. And of course third down, I’m doubling Travis Kelce. ”

Lamar Jackson/Mark Andrews, Ravens

Rank: No. 4 (Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “Say what you want about Lamar Jackson, it doesn’t look pretty. But you know what? He gets it to Mark Andrews every single time. (Andrews) had (almost) 1,400 receiving yards last year. He had more than Travis. Kelce. And how many catches did he have? 107? You better stop sleeping on Mark Andrews. “

Derek Carr/Davante Adams, Raiders

Rank: No. 3 (Acho)

Acho’s thoughts: “Davante Adams, best receiver in football. Derek Carr, top-10 quarterback in football. Think about what Derek Carr has done with Darren Waller, a top tight end in football. Think about how Derek Carr has already gone to three Pro Bowls, He has an MVP vote on the course of his career, and Davante Adams is a dude. “

Joe Burrow/Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals

Rank: No. 3 (Wiley); No. 4 (Acho)

Acho’s thoughts: “We know what Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase have done at the college level and we know what they’ve done at the professional level. They went all the way to the Super Bowl this past year. I think (they) The best young duo in all of football. They just got that little “it” factor that I love. ”

Kirk Cousins/Justin Jefferson, Vikings

Rank: No. 2 (Wiley)

Wiley’s thoughts: “(Jefferson) is the No. 2 receiver in pee-wee football right now (in terms of popularity). I’m telling you because I coach pee-wee football.”

Josh Allen/Stefon Diggs, Bills

Rank: No. 1 (Acho)

Acho’s thoughts: “I think this year they will take a step up in legacy. Statistically, I don’t know if they can get any bigger. We’ve seen them 1,400-yard seasons, All-Pro, Pro Bowls. I see Stefon. Diggs leading the league in catches, I see Stefon Diggs leading the league in touchdowns. I see Josh Allen getting an AFC Championship Game. Can he get over the hump? Can he get to the Super Bowl? That will be the question. “

Matthew Stafford/Cooper Kupp, Rams

Rank: No. 1 (Wiley); No. 2 (Acho)

Acho’s thoughts: “Self explanatory. Cooper Kupp, triple crown last year. He had the most catches in football, he had the most touchdowns in football. He had the most reception yards in football. He goes to the Super Bowl and becomes the Super Bowl MVP. Matthews Stafford, an absolute baller. “

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