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Ahead of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s upcoming tour of Australia, we’re sharing some of the four-time NBA champ’s most incredible stories.

O’Neal pocketed $ 292m USD in wages during his decorated NBA career and is now valued at $ 400 million USD ($ A570m), having invested smartly (including in Google even before it went public) and signed a host of other endorsement and business deals .

He is also one of the NBA’s most popular pundits and a world-famous DJ to boot.

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An Evening with Shaquille O’Neal | 00:26

But Shaquille O’Neal says his “best” business story is the time he walked away from a $ 40 million USD ($ A57m) Reebok sneaker deal.

While on the “Full Send” podcast last year, the four-time NBA champion recalled cutting ties with the brand he repped throughout his playing career after “a lady ripped me a new a – hole while leaving the arena one day.”

O’Neal said the woman called him a “motherf – ker” for charging young kids so much money for shoes.

“I had $ 2,000 in my pocket. I said, ‘Lady I don’t make the prices. Here you go, and she smacked the money out of my hand, [and said]’Why don’t you motherf – kers make a shoe that’s affordable?’ “

The scolding was a moment of realization for O’Neal, who decided to turn down his $ 40 million, 5-year deal with Reebok.

Warning: Graphic Language

“I was like, ‘You know what, she’s right.’ So that day, I cut ties with Reebok and started my own brand, ”he recalled. “I said keep the money… this ain’t right. I’ll still wear the shoes I wear during the season, but I’ll be looking to do my own thing. So, I started the Shaq brand.

“I went to my favorite store, Walmart, and we did a deal. I was in all stores and my price point for the shoes was $ 29- $ 19 and since then we sold over 400 million pairs. It’s not kids that don’t want to wear $ 20 shoes, they don’t want to wear shoes that look like they cost $ 20. “

There was no bad blood between O’Neal and Reebok after he turned them down. He said he brought along designers from Reebok with him to join his Walmart deal.

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Los Angeles Lakers’ Shaquille O’Neal holding up the MVP trophy, (R), and the championship trophy after the Lakers won their second straight NBA championship in 2001.Source: AP

O’Neal’s relationship with Reebok began in 1992, when he signed a $ 15 million multi-year deal with the brand upon his entry to the NBA. He went on to launch his popular Reebok Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis shoes – and sported Reebok throughout his entire NBA career.

Earlier this year, O’Neal was part of a mega deal with Reebok, after the brand’s sale to Authentic Brands Group (ABG), in which he has been the second-largest stakeholder since 2015.

This story originally appeared on the NY Post and is reproduced with permission.


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