Scribd launches Scribd Coach in Mexico loaded with content to convert you into the best version of yourself

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Scribd is a reading platform in digital format that has gained followers over time until becoming a giant and challenging all those who say that today people don’t read. In 2006 an entrepreneur called Trip Adler he launched it on the market with the idea of ​​changing the way in which people read and shared the written word. The concept was maturing and evolving until becoming a digital subscription service very similar to Netflix: for a monthly subscription the user has the right to consult and consume all the titles that exist in his library.


The platform currently has 1.8 million subscribers around the world and offers books, audiobooks, magazines and documents in various languages. Its catalog in Spanish is of more than 100,000 titles.

El día de hoy Javier Aceves (better known as Baxter), responsible for the acquisition of international content of the platform, announced the opening of Scribd Coach in México, an extension of the service that offers courses in Spanish audio format on personal development, entrepreneurship, technology, self-love and food. Although some of the contents of this section are translations of courses that already existed in English (Scribd Coach launched in the United States in 2021), Baxter explained that some courses have been produced specifically for the platform in Spanish. Three authors were present at the event to talk about the courses they created together with Scribd.

Aura Lopeztechnology journalist, presented his course Get off the cloudin which he provides tools to find the balance between physical and digital life. Jorge Fajardofounder of Hunters Studio, spoke of You live like a startupa course that helps you unlearn what you learned to get out of your comfort zone and improve your life. Sebastian Tonda, entrepreneur and investor, he talked about it The power of your ideasa course that claims to help boost your creativity.

Baxter explained that these and other courses are already available on the platform and that the team’s plan is to continue producing content relevant to the region. The subscription to Scribd (which includes access to Scribd Coach) costs $149 pesos per month.

If you are a content creator, Scribd is a very interesting channel to reach a different audience and make your work known. You can get more information in this league.


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