San Jose earthquakes can build soccer fields in Fairgrounds

The San Jose earthquake could build three football stadiums in the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds to cut a deal with a circuit that allows them to build two team-friendly stadiums.

The quake will continue to play at PayPal Park near Mineta San Jose Airport, 15 minutes north of the convention site.

All five plots will occupy more than 18 hectares in the southwest corner of Umbrger Road near Chavez Supermarket and Best Western Hotel in the Spartan Keyes area of ​​the city. The site is currently being used by various trucking companies, landscaping and renewing their expiring licenses at the end of the year.

Soccer fields near the stadium about a mile north of Monterey Road. The center, called Park San Jose, costs around $ 100 for rent. Three miles south is Solari Park, now in need of a permit for soccer matches.

Abe Andrade, the managing director of the circuit assembly program, called the land proposal “fair” in the area.

“It will definitely give a lot of improvement to the environment,” said Andrade, adding that the quakes also aimed at building more training facilities for the team.

Andrade said it was too early to say how much the land would cost to build, but earthquakes would take over the case. A spokesman for the Major League football team did not respond to a request for respite.

With the combination of stadiums, stadiums may soon be known as sports fields.

The city is negotiating with Major League Cricket for $ 50 million, 15,000 “world class” seats for the city cricket team. Plans are afoot to have the stadium occupy less than 10 acres of 165 acre fairgrounds in an empty parking lot across from Franklin Elementary School. According to cricket, the stadium is expected to be completed by 2024. This area has been chosen by the league due to the popularity of the game among many locals here in Southeast Asia.

The city’s annual exhibitions have been held in theaters since 1944. More recently, land has been used as a major test site for COVID-19. The stadium also houses a paint field and a temporary shelter for the homeless of about 60 people.

The last two city exhibitions have been canceled or reduced due to the epidemic – and next year the July exhibition will also be reduced.

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