S. Andrade ganó en handball

El pasado sábado 12 se disputó -in el gimnasio municipal de la Margen Sur- el torneo de handball (Sub 12 mixto) con el cual se cerró la primera edición de la Liga Deportiva Municipal, organizada por la Agencia respectivea.

RIO GRANDE.- In the final of the match, which brought together 8 teams, Sergio Andrade defeated Universitario 6-2.

At the end of the meeting, the prize was awarded in this discipline, with medals for all the protagonists.

Likewise, he awarded the Challenger Cup to the winners: Metalúrgico (basketball), Estrella Austral (volleyball), Malvinas Argentinas (fútbol) and Sergio Andrade (handball).

Hopefully, this experience will be repeated four or four times in 2023.

Handball – Liga Municipal (Sub 12)

Zone A: CDM-Uni Rojo 3-5; Margen Sur-Sergio Andrade A 1-10; Margen Sur-CDM 2-4; Uni Rojo-Sergio Andrade A 3-7; Sergio Andrade A-CDM 8-1; Uni Rojo-Margen Sur 9-1. Zone B: Malvinas Argentinas-R.Madrid 5-0; Sergio Andrade B-Uni Amarillo 9-4; R. Madrid-Sergio Andrade B 3-7; Malvinas Argentinas-Uni Amarillo 0-5; Uni Amarillo-R.Madrid 7-2; Sergio Andrade B-Malvinas Argentinas 4-1. Ronda final: 1st place: Sergio Andrade-Uni Amarillo 2-6; 3rd place: CDM-Malvinas Argentinas 4-3; 5th place: Margen Sur-Real Madrid 1-1.

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