Ryan Helsley throws a pitch 104 miles per hour

SAN DIEGO — After four days of rest, Cardinals closer Ryan Helsley took the throne as the man who launched the toughest shipment of the season.

When Helsley hit a 104.0 mph fastball on Thursday during a 5-4 win over the Padres, according to Statcast, while facing Josh Bell, he surpassed the 103.8 mph mark that his team mate, Jordan Hicks, only hit in the 7th. July in Atlanta. Helsley retained the title of fastest bowler of the campaign earlier this year, when he threw one at 103.1 mph against Dominican Ketel Marte of the D-backs on May 1. Hicks threw two pitches at 105 mph on May 20, 2018.

Sin trabajar los ultimos cuatro días mientras la offensive de los Cardenales pasaba por una racha de 31 innings sin anotar carreras, Helsley llegó el jueves descansado y listo. He allowed a solo home run by Manny Machado, but the righty rebounded by hitting Brandon Drury with three pitches that hit 101.5 mph, 102.9 mph and 103.2 mph.

Helsley, who pitched the third immaculate inning in Cardinals history last Friday against the Reds, hit 15 of his 21 pitches in the eighth inning at 100 mph or more. Además de tirar el pitcheo más rápido del 2022, también tocó 103.4, 103.2 y 102.9 (twice).


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