Rockaway Beach Volleyball Bumps, Sets, And Serves Its Way Through First Season In Two Years

After two years on hiatus, Rockaway Beach Volleyball is wrapping up their regular season and looking forward to a big playoff day on Aug. 13.

After two years off, one year due to Covid, and another due to issues with the National Parks Service, RBVL returned to the beaches of Riis Park this summer with 76 teams.

“Everybody was very happy to be back. And those two years when we saw them in the neighborhood they would say that they can’t wait to come back,” said Patti Moule, a RBVL Board Member and former president. “You got about 1000 people here every week, every week,” she said.

For many of those who play, or even just come down to support friends and family, it is a generational affair.

“As kids get older, and they get to be 14-years of age, you get to play in the league. Those are the new faces,” said Moule, “Everyone’s like a family.”

The board talked about how they’ve seen original players from the 80s and 90s now coming back with their own kids.

Next Saturday, Aug. 13, RBVL will be holding its massive playoff day, and encourages everyone to come down and enjoy the festivities.

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