Richie Sadlier says he and wife Fiona ‘got lovely surprise that we got pregnant naturally’ after four years of trying to conceive

RTÉ football pundit Richie Sadlier is encouraging couples who are struggling to conceive to talk about it, as he and his wife are expecting their first baby after having fertility complications.

he former Ireland international and his wife Fiona struggled to conceive for four years and were told by specialists that she wouldn’t get pregnant naturally.

However, after rounds of IVF and many negative pregnancy tests later, the couple found out in May of this year that Fiona was pregnant – and it had happened naturally.

Speaking on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show tonight, Richie encouraged any couples struggling with fertility to talk to their friends and family about it, as it massively helped him and his wife.

“So Fiona is 22 weeks pregnant and we’ve had a tricky journey to get to this place as in May 2018 we were told – like loads of people in the country – that we were not going to be able to conceive naturally,” the former footballer told host Tubridy.

“So we had to then enter the world of fertility treatments, we did a round of IVF and nothing was working so we were going to Spain this September, I think it was the next step on the journey.

“But. then we got a lovely surprise in May that we got pregnant naturally.”

Richie added that he posted about the exciting news on social media, and got so many responses from people who were struggling to conceive.

“We were overwhelmed by the response, but I got so many private messages from people who said ‘I’m on that journey’ or ‘I’m about to embark on it’ and I’d always ask them if they had told their friends of family.

“And so many people replied with ‘no, no’ they couldn’t tell the lads or they only told some family.

“But we wouldn’t have gotten through the last few years today if we didn’t tell our family and friends and get their support.

“We were both in therapy as well… and as I’ve been saying tonight, talking about a scenario that you find tricky is always better than pretending you’re grand.”

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