Randall Boys and Girls’ Soccer Teams Make it to the Championships

The Randall boys soccer team has reached the final game for the first time since 2011.
The girls finished the season with a complete 7-1 record, scoring 38 points while allowing only three in eight games in total.

Randall Middle School boys and girls soccer teams had record book seasons, as they both reached the championship in one year for the first time.

“My favorite part of the season was beating Barrington in our fifth game of the season, which won our place,” said left-back Emmie Poirier. “Barrington’s soccer team has always been our rivals, I scored two goals in that which led to us beating for the third year in a row. It was a tough game, and congratulating my team on success is something I will never forget. ”

Back then Dylan Quesada remembers his time playing for Randall lovingly and will take a moment with him as he tries the Newsome High School football team next season.

“I’m glad to be in the team that broke the Randall drought,” Quuesada said. “Being here this year and making the playoffs a wonderful trip for my last year. I loved playing for this team, and I wish the best for the Randall team next year. ”

The Hawks trial was led by Luca Savino, Brayden Howard and Matias Rangel. All three players have scored the most goals this season. Clark Furney, Brodan Tiffany, Landon Mallon and Colton Oifer had a few goals as well. The defense was led by Nick Levine, Dylan Quesada, Braden Matteis and Cody Bronner. The goalkeeper, Mason Roy, was vocal in several games and conceded just seven goals in a total of 10 games.

The boys were led by third-year head coach Leo Mallon. Mallon, who teaches Spanish at Newsome High School, also coached the girls’ team until Anthony Rivera took over the main coaching job this season to help carry the load. Mallon is impressed by his team’s ability and good manners, considering how small they are. He said most of his players take part in club football and most of them have played together for the rest of their lives.

“We had an amazing team of talented young boys from sixth grade to eighth grade,” said Mallon. “I was amazed at their ability. We look forward to next year. We want to have another great season and reach the finals again. ”

The girls finished the season with a perfect 7-1 record. Not only did they win the games, but they also managed their opponents in the system, scoring 38 points while allowing only three in eight games in total.

“The team has been amazing all season,” said Rivera. “The interest and eagerness to grow as individuals and athletes was top notch. The way the girls from all three grade levels met in a short period of one and a half months was fascinating to watch. I am very proud to see that girls always have a desire to be at the top level and not give up on group attacks, no matter who they are. Their skills have not diminished but have continued to grow with each game they play. ”

Rivera said his team has many talented players and they work well together to achieve their goals. Leading players include eighth graders Emmie Poirier, Avery West, McKenna Hunt, Riley Throneburg and Kinsley Hiscock, and seventh graders Siena Bovelsky, Erin McMenemy, Ella Baroni and Gabriella Va add depth to the team. Sixth graders Gianna Savino, Erin McTigue and Rebecca Rolland have a bright future with Lady Hawks. Lilly Dione led the team as a top goalkeeper.

“With the success of Randall for both girls and boys’ teams, I think the community has something to look forward to and will look back on for years to come,” Rivera said. “It is also a testament to the wider community when it comes to families investing in this sport everywhere. Newer, or whatever high school these players attend, it would be better for them to choose from as well. It will be fun for sure. ”

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