Premier League most-watched European soccer league on YouTube, says study- SportsPro

  • Barcelona top all time views category with 2.12bn and subscriber count with 13.4m
  • Liverpool score most monthly views (77.78m) and views per video (722k)
  • Udinese have more than 21k videos on their YouTube channel, more than any other European club

The Premier League is the most-watched European soccer league on video sharing platform YouTube, clocking up 250 million views per month during the 2021/22 season, according to data from martech company BuzzMyVideos.

La Liga and Serie A took second and third sports, followed by the Bundesliga and Ligue 1. The four leagues all notched up less than 100 million monthly views on YouTube.

‘The European Football YouTube Report 2022’ from BuzzMyVideos also found that Spanish giants Barcelona have more total views and subscribers on the Google-owned platform than any other soccer team in Europe.

Barca have racked up more than 2.12 billion all time views, ahead of second place Liverpool who scored 1.59 billion all time views. Manchester United (1.11 billion), Manchester City (1.09 billion) and Real Madrid (946 million) completed the top five.

Barca’s all time subscriber count is 13.4 million. Real Madrid are second with 7.94 million, followed by Liverpool (7.37 million), Paris Saint-Germain (6.16 million) and Manchester United (6.06 million).

Italian top tier club Udinese, who finished 12th in Serie A this season, topped the standings for all time YouTube video uploads with 21,261. The top five was completed by Spanish clubs, with Sevilla in second with 12,758, followed by Barca (9,826), Real Sociedad (9,598) and Valencia (8,767).

In BuzzMyVideos’ views per video index, Liverpool were comfortably top with 722,879 views, putting them ahead of rivals Manchester United who managed 404,327. They were followed by Arsenal (283,967), Barca (215,811) and Juventus (199,953).

Liverpool also have the most monthly views on YouTube with 77.78 million. This put the club in front of Real Madrid (53.49 million), Manchester City (48.03 million), Tottenham Hotspur (38.61 million) and Manchester United (24.91 million). Despite their high total views and subscriber count, Barca could only manage eighth place in this category with 15.59 million monthly views.

“The report shows how the transformation of football to the entertainment industry is progressing,” Paola Marinone, founder and chief executive of BuzzMyVideos, told SportsPro.

“The top European clubs are already treating their YouTube channels as a broadcast D2C, as a strategic part of their media business strategy. It is not only a media play but also a global strategy, reaching the audience wherever they are, hence having an even more sizable addressable market.

“There’s a massive area of ​​growth between the top ten European clubs and everyone else, which means there is going to be a lot happening in the coming seasons with different strategies and approaches. I’m curious to see what the results of next year will tell. “

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