Portable Launch Monitors Don’t Come Much Cheaper Than This Excellent Flightscope Mevo

Portable Launch Monitors Don’t Come Much Cheaper Than This Excellent Flightscope Mevo

Available for an enormous discount of $150 on Amazon (opens in new tab)the saving on the simply excellent FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor is perhaps one of the best Black Friday golf deals (opens in new tab) we have seen on tech so far. It provides an excellent solution for any golfer looking for immediate feedback on their shots from anywhere on the course. But won’t set you back a fortune like some of the best launch monitors (opens in new tab) will.

Perhaps the most compact portable launch monitors (opens in new tab) going, the Mevo is an excellent device that uses 3D doppler radar technology to track a range of eight swing performance data sets, including your carry distance, spin rate, club speed, ball speed and smash factor. The data that it collects is very reliable too, processing your swing information in a matter of seconds and presenting it on your smart device in an easy to interpret set of data.

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We were amazed at how small the Mevo is when we got our hands on it (opens in new tab). It is barely bigger than two golf balls but feels like a premium piece of golf kit when you pull it out of the box. It is also fairly easy to set up and use with players able to stand the radar six feet behind them as they take their shot. We loved how easy it was to track the distances we were hitting each club in our bag, which is something not many of the best cheap golf launch monitors (opens in new tab) can do

But its main selling point is just how portable it is. You can slot it into any pocket in your golf bag and have it set up and ready to use whenever you need. We would recommend this product to any golfer experienced player looking to improve their ball striking and for the incredible $150 discount on Amazon (opens in new tab)you should certainly consider purchasing this product during Black Friday (opens in new tab).

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