Pickleball Amusement District coming south of Tempe

Tempe South could become the site for Valley pickleball players after the city allowed construction to begin in a new sport-focused district.

Electric Pickle, a golf course overlooking the pickleball game, was welcomed by the city to continue construction during the March 22 meeting of the Tempe Improvement Review Commission. Lots is in the inactive area right now

Adam Baugh, a land use attorney with Withey Morris PLC who has been assisting Electric Pickle with locations and permits, said construction will begin at 8688 S. Emerald Drive, near Interstate-10 and Warner Road , this time of year or summer. It will probably open its doors to the public a year from now.

Baugh said pickleball was sweeping the country quickly with its low entry barriers for players, making it an ideal venue for a South Tempe residence.

“Pickleball as a game has exploded,” he said. “There has been a 650% increase in players. It used to be seen as a game for adults, but now everyone is happy. Electric Pickle wants to combine the emerging game with stores to make people come and stay. They can stay longer and spend more dollars. ”

According to the planned plans, the development will consist of two-story buildings of approximately 15,226 square meters. It will host a bar and restaurant, grocery store, nine pickleball courts, cornhole and live entertainment platform. Electric Pickle will open from 8:00 am to 1:00 am most days, with options for weekend brunch.

The South Tempe has been selected as the first Pickle Power Plant in Arizona for free access to roads, close to Arizona State University and a good population, Baugh said.

“This place is educated, has a lot of revenue and wants something different,” he said. “We believe in the South Tempe Market – the entire Eastern Valley. It is an excellent example of a central area with dollars that you can use.”

This area is located within the Warner & I-10 Growth Area designated by the City General Plan. Multi-family housing improvements have also been introduced on the eastern side of Emerald Drive.

Baugh says he and his team have worked closely with the town over the past few months to set up venues and obtain permits for what he says will be a local leisure center.

“The city is highly recommended to work with us and to be a good community partner,” he said. “They were looking for a place to go to Tempe South, and they wanted to increase the social comfort of Tempe South.”

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