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“The NFL’s a freight train, speeding down the tracks. Ten billion for a franchise? The day will come, and sooner than you think. ” – King on NFL franchise valuations

“More than $ 10 billion. But let me make this very clear, I ‘ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever. ” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

“I think one of the most interesting things that happened in the draft was a rookie GM trading his first division with a team in his own division, then a second round in trading with his division in another team.” – King on the Vikings’ first draft under GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

Stamford, Conn. – May 16, 2022 – Peter King The Denver Broncos and why the NFL’s first $ 10 billion franchise is not far off in this week’s edition Football Morning in America, available now exclusively on King also speaks with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jonesbreaks down the 2022 NFL schedule and more.

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The following are highlights from this week’s edition of Football Morning in America:


King: “The value of an NFL franchise has doubled in five years. The Denver Broncos are about to be sold for an estimated $ 4.5 billion, twice the number David Tepper Paid for the Carolina Panthers in 2018. “

King on the Cowboys: “Think of it this way: Denver’s price will be about 30 times what Jerry Jones Paid for the Dallas Cowboys 33 years ago. In 1989, Jones paid $ 150 million for the Cowboys and Texas Stadium, the team was losing $ 1 million per month, and cornerstone owner Lamar Hunt of Kansas City called it “the greatest risk I’ve ever seen an owner take.” … What a difference a generation makes. ”

Jones to King on the NFL’s Evolution: “Every day, every week, it never ceases to amaze me how the NFL continues to evolve and continues to grow and continue to dominate. [sports] landscape. Every time I think I totally understand it, it still blows me away. “

King on the Broncos’ valuation for their upcoming sale: “Amazing, especially considering that when Forbes did its annual valuation of franchises this year, the Broncos were 10th. So if the Broncos are 10th and worth $ 4.5 billion, what are the rolling-in-dough Cowboys worth? Forbes says $ 6.5 billion. The smartest business consultant in NFL circles, Marc Ganis“Tell me he thinks Jones would get $ 8 billion or $ 8.5 billion if he tried to sell.”

How much he thinks Jones could sell for the Cowboys: “More than $ 10 billion. But let me make this very clear, I ‘ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever. “

King’s events that led to the rise in NFL franchise values: “One: The NFL has made consecutive 10- and 11-year labor deals with its players union … Two: The NFL owns the sports calendar, and the media is just too happy to cover the league with an unending year-round fervor : The NFL just made media-rights deals for a decade totaling $ 113 billion. Within 10 years, the media money each team will get annually, guaranteed, will rise from $ 250 million to $ 380 million. “

Ganis to King: “The NFL has become the emperor’s content, in season and out. Technology is changing, and people’s habits are changing, and the NFL is at the forefront of those things. They’re at the forefront of streaming and gambling. If the fans didn’t want more content, more events, they wouldn’t support what the NFL is doing. But they do. The NFL has a strategy of making more events and they’ve all worked out. “

Jones on fan interest: “The foibles, the soap opera, the issues. They create interest. Add in the Senior Bowl, the combine, free agency, the draft, training camp, we always got something going. People follow us year round. The owner gets every now and then in the paper. It just adds to the interest, all of it. People love that. “

King: “The next billionaire to love it, really love it, is going to pay in the range of $ 4.5 billion to own one of these 32 cash cows in Denver. The NFL’s a freight train, speeding down the tracks. Ten billion for a franchise? The day will come, and sooner than you think. “


King on the NFL schedule release: “The making of the schedule has become a pretty cool story, going back to the days when a schedule-nerd like me staked out the story every spring … it’s an even bigger deal now – a nationally televised, massively over-covered big deal. . “

King on the Titans at Packers Thursday night in Week 11: “The NFL was going to give Amazon one Packers game … Late in the process, 92 percent of the schedules were spat out by the Jets-Packers as the Green Bay home game. Nice, but not great … So Tennessee was put in the Week 11 Thursday slot, traveling to Green Bay. “

King: “That did create a problem the league dreaded. Tennessee would be one of two teams (Dallas the other) to play two short-week Thursday games; This year is the first time that has been required. So if the Jets had stayed in this slot at Green Bay, Tennessee would have had only one Thursday night game. Now the Titans will have two. “

King on the Packers’ schedule: “Of the 17 games on Green Bay’s schedule, a league-high 12 of them will be in national windows … with other teams 10 or more: Dallas 11, Kansas City 10, Rams 10.”

King on the Rams’ schedule: “This one hit me more than it hit others. The Rams play a Monday night December game at Lambeau Field, a Week-15 game that could be a major blow to the home-field in the NFC playoffs (could being the operative word). Pretty big edge for Green Bay, because not only could it be a lousy-weather game for the team from southern California, but it also comes 15 days after the Packers’ previous game. Green Bay will be coming off its bye. “

King on the Steelers’ schedule: “I think all the stats related to the schedule this season, this is my favorite: Air miles flown by Seattle in Week 13: 10,566. Air miles flown by Pittsburgh in the four-month regular season: 6,046. The Steelers have eight road trips, and will never leave the Eastern Time Zone. The Seahawks travel nine times to get zones to Munich to play on the Bucs on Nov. 13. “

King on the Chargers’ schedule release announcement: “So the Chargers’ 14-member video / social / wiseass team put together a work of art in what has become a highly competitive business for reasons completely beyond me – trumpeting social videos to release a team’s schedule … this year, lots of The teams used imaginative plotlines to promote their schedules … but the best was the 2-minute, 7-second anime (the Japanese-style animation meant to appeal to adults more than children) done by the Chargers that was so full of subtle digs that it’s stunning they crammed all the action in 127 seconds. “

King on the Chargers’ video: “The goal: to reach a sub-culture outside of football, to drive conversation and connect with an audience of Chargers is not usually relate, in hopes that the franchise will entertain Chargers fans and new fans … the overall imagination – beginning with (Chargers feature producer and editor, Andrew) Cordovathe big anime fan on the Chargers’ staff, was simply superb. “


King on the Vikings’ draft: “I think one of the most interesting things that happened in the draft was a rookie GM – with a team that would go into a sneaky threat deep into the playoffs – the first round with a team in its own division, then trading in The second round with another team in his division. And both of those division rivals picked receivers who could haunt the Vikings … It’s arguable that one day he’ll regret trading down from 12th overall to 32nd with Detroit, allowing the Lions to pick Alabama receiver. Jameson WilliamsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It’s arguable, but probably to a lesser degree, that he’ll regret trading down with Green Bay at 34 and handing the Packers wideout. Christian Watson. “

King: “So why do I think (Vikings GM)” Kwesi Adofo-Mensah What was the right thing for his franchise? It comes down to this: The Vikings started the draft with two picks in the top 70. By the time day two was over, they’d made four picks in the top 70. And they were able to, in Adofo-Mensah’s words, ‘Do more about the basket problems we were trying to solve’ than if they’d sat at 12. “

King: “The math says Minnesota started the day with 12 and 47 and, with other picks being associated, those turned into four need players at 32, 42, 59 and 66 … this is just me, but knowing what I know and the alternatives. new GM had, I’d be disappointed if he just sat and picked. Williams could turn out to be a great receiver and he could torment the Vikings, but if three of those four players become valuable starters over the next four to five years, it’s a win for Minnesota. “

King on Tom Brady as a future analyst: “I think the easy thing to say about Brady is that he’s gotten used to being so vanilla in his public statements that there is no way he’ll change and be the kind of analyst that will throw a zinger or a dagger once or twice. General Chat Chat Lounge I actually think the opposite, or the opposite … I think he ‘ll work at it. He’ll know, just like in football 21 years ago, the TV pros will be looking at him with skepticism. He is not clever enough, he is not honest enough. He’ll know that to be good, he’s got to get out of his comfort zone of all the niceties and tell it like it is. “

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The following are additional highlights of NBC Sports’ NFL coverage:

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