Peru vs Australia: Live Score Updates (0-0) | 06/13/2022

4:55 PM2 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:54 PM3 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:53 PM5 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:52 PM6 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:51 PM7 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:50 PM7 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:49 PM8 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:48 PM9 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:47 PM10 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:46 PM12 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:45 PM12 minutes ago

Penalty Shootout

4:44 PM13 minutes ago

Penalty shootout

4:36 PM21 minutes ago

120 ‘

Overtime is over and it’s off to the penalty shootout!

4:25 PM32 minutes ago

115 ‘

The match is coming to an end and everything indicates that we will go to a penalty shootout.

4:21 PM36 minutes ago

110 ‘

Peru is close to the goal of the World Cup ticket.

4:18 PM39 minutes ago

105 ‘

The second overtime starts.

4:15 PM42 minutes ago

105 ‘

First extra time ends Peru 0-0 Australia.

4:07 PMan hour ago

100 ‘

The pace of the game slows down a bit and the players begin to feel the wear and tear of the match.

4:03 PMan hour ago

95 ‘

The first overtime starts with a lot of intensity in both teams.

4:01 PMan hour ago

90 ‘

The first overtime starts.

3:54 PMan hour ago

90 ‘

Peru 0-0 Australia at the end of regulation time, we go to overtime!

3:44 PMan hour ago

85 ‘

Last 5 minutes of the match, if the game is tied we will go to overtime.

3:38 PMan hour ago

80 ‘

Both teams made very offensive changes, with the intention of going for the lead goal.

3:34 PMan hour ago

75 ‘

Peru tries to create plays on the left flank with Christian Cueva and Pedro Aquino but they fail to have clarity in the last zone.

3:29 PMan hour ago

70 ‘

Peru suffocates Australia, who can’t get the ball back and suffer in the defensive zone.

3:24 PM2 hours ago

65 ‘

Peru gets close to the first goal, but Australia defends with all its players in the penalty area.

3:19 PM2 hours ago

60 ‘

Australia begins to commit heavy fouls and despair comes to the Oceania team.

3:14 PM2 hours ago

55 ‘

Peru also started to go forward and managed to get a couple of corner kicks in their favor.

3:09 PM2 hours ago

50 ‘

Australia starts with the possession of the ball at the beginning of the second half.

3:06 PM2 hours ago

45 ‘

The second half begins.

2:51 PM2 hours ago

45 ‘

First half ends Peru 0-0 Australia

2:42 PM2 hours ago

40 ‘

In the last minutes of the first half, everything seems to indicate that we will go to the break with a draw.

2:36 PM2 hours ago

35 ‘

Peru gets close to the first goal, but Australia defends very well.

2:31 PM2 hours ago

30 ‘

Peru manages to come out playing from their own area but Australia commits many fouls that constantly stop the game.

2:27 PM3 hours ago

25 ‘

Australia is dominating the match at the moment, has regained possession and is starting to reach Peru’s area.

2:22 PM3 hours ago

20 ‘

The match is getting a little bit stuck, both teams are fighting with intensity but still can’t find clarity.

2:21 PM3 hours ago

15 ‘

Australia gradually touches the ball but Peru quickly recovers the ball.

2:12 PM3 hours ago

10 ‘

Peru is the one who begins to have the initiative of the match, and is the one who dominates the ball in these first minutes.

2:07 PM3 hours ago

5 ‘

At the start of the match, both teams were analyzing the game and still did not generate any dangerous plays.

2:04 PM3 hours ago


The match between Peru and Australia kicks off, they are playing for a ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

1:50 PM3 hours ago

All ready

The two teams prepare to take the field, get ready in the locker room, and get ready for a high-intensity match.

1:45 PM3 hours ago

Already warming up

Both teams are warming up 30 minutes before kick-off.

1:40 PM3 hours ago


The central referee will be Vincic S. (Slo).

1:25 PM4 hours ago


The fans of both teams are starting to arrive, an incredible full house at the All Rayyan for one of the most important matches for both teams.

1:20 PM4 hours ago

Both teams are already in Qatar

1:15 PM4 hours ago

Stay tuned to follow Australia vs Peru.

In a few moments we will share with you the lineups for the match Australia vs Peru live. As well as the latest information from the All Rayyan Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL Mexico’s live minute-by-minute coverage of the match.

1:10 PM4 hours ago

How to watch the Australia vs Peru match?

1:05 PM4 hours ago


There will be no injured or suspended players in this match, so both teams will be able to count on a full squad for one of the most important matches on the road to Qatar 2022.

12:50 PM4 hours ago


Only once have these two teams met and it was in the Russia 2018 World Cup, they played against each other in Group C, the match was very exciting but in the end Peru took the 3 points defeating Australia 2-0, this time these two teams are fighting for a ticket to the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.

12:45 PM4 hours ago

Last Lineup Perú

1.Pedro Gallese, 5. Carlos Zambrano, 22. Alexander Callens, 4. Marcos López, 3. Aldo Corzo, 23. Pedro Aquino, 19, Yoshimar Yotun, 8. Sergio Peña, 10. Christian Cueva, 18. Andre Cariillo, 9. Gianluca Lapadula. DT: Ricardo Gareca.

12:40 PM4 hours ago

Last Lineup Australia

1.Mathew Ryan, 20. Kye Rowles, 8. Bailey Wright 4. Nathaniel Atkinson, 16. Aziz Behich, 13. Aaron Mooy, 19- Craig Goodwin, 22. Jackson Irvine, 10. Ajdin Hrustic, 6. Martin Boyle, 7 Mathew Leckie. DT: Graham Arnold

12:30 PM4 hours ago

Australia: For one more World Cup in its history.

The Australian national team is looking for its sixth World Cup, having played the World Cup in 1974, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018, and if they win in Qatar 2022 it would be their sixth participation, a team with a lot of history but that will have a tough test facing one of the best teams of CONMEBOL, it will be a match that will not leave many emotions and that both teams will put everything to be in the World Cup.

12:25 PM5 hours ago

Peru: For the World Cup dream

The selection of Peru seeks to achieve the World Cup dream being installed in its second consecutive World Cup, remember that the Russia 2018 World Cup was the first in the history of Peru, in this World Cup was placed in Group C with teams like France, Denmark and Australia precisely, in the end was in third place out of the World Cup but with a very worthy participation with a record of 3 games played, one game won, zero draws and two defeats with a total of 3 points and no doubt those led by Ricardo Gareca will seek to repeat that feat.

12:20 PM5 hours ago

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