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“Rely on the system” is a term often used in sports and the environment to the point that it lasts a lifetime. It is a phrase written in memes on Twitter, jokes between friends and ridicule in sports talk shows.

Sometimes, though, that’s all a runner can do — trust the system. For Jordan Canniff, putting his faith in the process is the key to his success in the fall of 2021.

Canniff, who came to Penn State as one of the country’s leading employees, has always had the ability and the talent. In the fall, all of this began to shape the Maryland native.

The young player missed the first month of the season due to injury and did not start until the conference. On his return, Canniff said he played with a freedom he had never felt before, allowing him not to think too much of the game.

Coach Erica Dambach also saw it, knowing the commitment required to return to one of these injuries.

You know the blood, sweat and tears that go after them, go back to the field, ”Dambach told the Daily Collegian. “It is the most rewarding feeling in the world as a coach to see them honored for this effort.”

In this case, the award saw Canniff put second place in the team in goals and points during conference play, behind only Sam Coffey.

Before the fall of 2021, Canniff had earned one point in his academic career, but after two years of dealing with relapses and epidemics, he hit his stride.

At that point, Canniff had his share of failure.

“I think it took a loss at first, but I have committed myself to my analysis,” Canniff told the Collegian. “I am committed to focusing on the season and… when I can play. I think that really helped me. ”


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One of Canniff’s teammates who was present all the time at his rehab was Payton Linnehan, who was also in charge of injuries last fall.

Dambach described Canniff and Linnehan as big-time talent, and the team was thrown away when they were on the sidelines.

Canniff said he had been close to Linnehan since they played for the US National Youth Team and stayed together for the new year.

Linnehan told the Collegiate that the Canniff explosion was not a shock; it appeared in training and when Canniff returned – he was ready to leave.

Canniff and Linnehan are now about to enter their big year together. With the departure of Coffey and Kerry Abello, there is a leadership vacancy that needs to be filled.

A couple of rising adults, and redshirt junior Ally Schlegel, seem ready to enter the gap, and that’s what they’ve been talking about.

Linnehan said it was a “certain” responsibility they were feeling now because Coffey and Abello did not walk through the door every day.

“Right now, it’s about building relationships and how to take on the role of how we will become leaders,” Canniff said. “Well, I think a lot of conversations will happen as time goes on.”

When Canniff spoke, Dambach said, the group listened. He said the midfielder has helped to establish quality within the system, and is pleased with the way Canniff has improved.


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“The team has a lot of respect for his understanding and vision,” Dambach said.

That is the culture that made Canniff want to come to Penn State in the first place. Everyone felt like a family, Canniff said. It is something he said he could feel even as an employee.

Canniff came to Penn State in his first year at 17 years old. Dambach said he was the best player in the recruiting class, and his talent was evident from the start as soon as the staff saw him.

“As a 17-year-old, he had to try to make a mark,” Dambach said. “It was a testament to him because he was so easy going on, and he could have easily shot a high school game in his last year.

Canniff said belief in the system is something Dambach emphasizes.

The Penn State coach said being able to be patient and believe in the daily routine is the silver of the poverty Canniff has to deal with.

Canniff does not take lightly the current moment, Dambach said, and it is an opinion that Canniff has really embraced.

Dambach said with a team with such talent, it would be easy for players to move forward and wonder what their place in the next team would be.

“It’s a waste of time, a waste of time in your brain,” Dambach said. “Just be where your feet are, and sit still for now.”

It was not just on the field that Canniff was able to shine. He has shown a volcanic eruption with him – which has brought his goals to the past season.

Dambach said Canniff has a nose for purpose, recognizing his ability to finish. If Canniff is in the box, Dambach said there is a good chance the team will win.

“He doesn’t want too much space to stop and give himself a chance to finish,” Dambach said. “You take advantage of opportunities.”

With four goals and three assistants in 14 games and just one start, the midfielder made his mark in the short time he had on the field in 2021, along with Linnehan, all in the 5-2m midfielder.

“You’re a little firecracker.”


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