Pattie Boyd thinks young people are ‘over-sensitive’ | Entertainment

Pattie Boyd has warned “freedom has been taken away” because young people are so “over-sensitive”.

The 78-year-old former model – who was previously married to the late Beatles legend George Harrrison and Eric Clapton and is now wed to Rod Weston – misses the carefree days of the 1960s because she thinks modern society has become very restricted in a bid to not cause offense to anyone.

She is quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper’s Eden Confidential column as saying: “Everybody’s so different, particularly young people now. You know, they’re awake and over-sensitive about everything. And I thought, ‘How odd’.

“I feel that there’s been a huge cycle, because in the 1960s we broke away. We wanted freedom, we fought for it, and we wore outrageous clothes and short dresses. Artists painted outrageous things, filmmakers started being totally free. Here was a freedom suddenly.

“I feel that the cycle is now coming to an end. The freedom has been taken away. It’s the opposite of the 1960s, when we were brave and we could say and do anything.”

The photographer recently admitted she found it “draining” to write her 2007 autobiography, ‘Wonderful Today’, but she’s “glad” she did it.

She said: “I found it quite draining. Venturing back to areas of your life that are not very comfortable was difficult to talk about as well. I know people say it’s cathartic, but I hate that word because I don’t quite know what it means.

“But it’s good. It’s quite good, because you are made to go back and reassess and see how you feel about it now, which of course can be quite different. It was a good thing to do, I’m glad I did it.

Pattie went on to reveal that she is now working on a new book which is to be a compilation of her photography work embellished with “lots of little anecdotes.”

She said: “I’m working now on a new book, which is just going to be photographs. Photographs of me and by me, and I’m just writing lots of little anecdotes. Some to go with photos and some because I’ve just remembered something hilarious or something dramatic. ”


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