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OSU women’s soccer program prepares for their future with supportive coaches, new goals, new strategies and a growing love of the sport.

Following the ’20 season, new coaching staff including Head Coach Lauren Sinacola were appointed. The program achieved immediate success, starting the season 8-0, with three shutouts and a six-goal performance against the Yale University Bulldogs. Suddenly, the Beavers found themselves in the top-25 nationally, and the team looked to have made a total of 180 last year.

While the Beavers continued the fight in the PAC-12 and established a history of the program after taking their first win against the # 7 Stanford Cardinal, the team ended its season with five games lost and did not get a chance to compete in the NCAA tournament.

However, compared to last season, the team doubled its winning games.

Following the success of the ’21 season, Sinacola said the whole process should continue to push.

“Whenever we wear our uniforms and compete and we represent Oregon State we want to win,” Sinacola said.

With the next fall approaching, Sinacola hopes to reach the next level. He feels that this team is very competitive, and has the potential to be great.

“We want to go to the championships,” said Sinacola. “We want to go to the NCAA tournament and play in it.”

One of the main struggles the group had last year was love, according to Sinacola. Although the love was already there, Sinacola said he felt like he had brought life back to the game of soccer.

“It was something the players already had [in them], ”Said Sincaola. “We’ve been really lucky to take the program with so much already.”

Oregon State junior striker Amber Jackson said when Sinacola first came to campus, the coach helped him find his love in the game of football again.

“Our team has suffered a lot in the past because we felt very unsupported, and we lost the love of the game in a way,” said Jackson. When Lauren came here with all her coaches, the biggest thing they brought was love of the game.

Oregon State junior goalkeeper Hailey Coll said last year’s coaching staff and this year’s coaching staff have definitely changed for the better.

“It was 180 from our old staff to the new coaches,” Coll said.

Many members of the Oregon State football team said Sinacola was a very good coach. “It’s very important to be able to communicate with everyone on and off the field,” said Coll.

This connection is important for the players because they say they show that Sinacola cares about them. “You really care about who you are as a person and a player,” said Oregon State defender Caroline Duncan.

Whether it was line dance, making new food or just hanging out together, the team made a concerted effort in the offseason to get closer and make their chemistry team stronger. “It really sounds like a family here,” Duncan said.

While one of last season’s successes could be attributed to training reforms, some team members said the COVID-19 restrictions had a major impact on the ’20 season.

In the 2020 season of four wins, like many other OSU sports programs, the Beavers played without fans.

In the spring the Beavers went to Portland, Ore on April 2 to play University of Portland and University of Puget Sound.

Two weeks later, on April 16, the Beavers will host Western Oregon at 3 p.m. at Paul Lorenz Stadium, a football stadium on the Oregon State campus. On May 14 the Beavers will host the Westside Timbers Women’s Premier Soccer League. Finally, the spring schedule concluded in a rematch with Oregon Ducks rivals in Eugene, Ore. on May 21st.

“I think one goal is to go unbeaten in the spring,” Sinacola said. “If we are going to compete we will be competing to win.”

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