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In the latest version of the NHL Stats News, the Edmonton Oilers’s stars join the elite in various ways, and Aston Matthews continues to score. Then we go to the Florida and Minnesota Wild Panthers, where voting records have been broken, the St. Louis Blues total win, and more stats and milestones.

Dritsitel and McDavid regained control of the scoreboard

Leon Drysitel is the 24th player in NHL history to record a season with 50 goals and 100 points. He is the fourth player in the history of the franchise to score 50 goals in several seasons (two seasons) and joins Wayne Gretzky (8), Yari Curry (4) and Glen Anderson (two seasons). DrSitel is the third active player to score five goals in several seasons, joining Alex Ouchkin (8) and Steven Stamkos (2). DrSitel is the seventh player in the history of the franchise with three or more seasons of 100 points.

Leon Drysitel, Edmonton Oilers (Amy Irwin / Hockey Writers)

Connor McDavid recorded his fourth season with 40 goals in the history of the franchise (three seasons), after Gretzky (9), Corey (7) and Anderson (4). McDavid is the third player to score 40 goals and 100 points in three seasons, joining Gretzky (9) and Corey (6).

McDavid and DrySite joined a rare team of teammates to reach 100 points for the first time in a season. Teammates to do this: Phil Esposito and Bobby Over (1974-1975), Esposito, Over, and Ken Hodge (1973-74), Esposito, Over, Hodge, and John Bike (1970-71), Gretzky and Paul Coffee (1983) -84), Gretzky & Kurri (1986-87 & 1984-85) and Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and Ron Francis (1995-1996).

Zack Hyman has scored the most goals for a new team this season (24). Tyson Berry is the first oil defender to score three points in a single season.

Aston Matthews scored 250 goals

Matthews is the eighth fastest player in NHL history to score 250 professional goals (397 GP). Only Gertzky (302 GP), Mike Bossi (315 GP), Lemieux (324 GP), Brett Hall (328 GP), Ovechkin (366 GP), Teemu Selanne (388 GP) and Kurri (389 GP) did it faster. They gave. Matthews is the tenth player in the history of the team to score 250 goals.

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Mitch Marner has scored the most points in 30 games in the history of the franchise (55) with Doug Gilmore.

Panthers Clinch, Huberdeau set the voting record

The Panthers recorded the twentieth case in which a team won by four or more goals in the third period. They were also the last team to do so in 2019 against the Boston Bruins. The Panthers did it on the road, and for the tenth time in NHL history, a team did it. It was the same in the game against the Bronze. This is the first season in their history that the Panthers were the first team to reach the playoffs.

Jonathan Hubbardo has the most points in a single season in the history of the franchise, behind Alexander Barkov (96 in the 2018-19 season) (97).

Kirill Kaprizov set a new scoring record

Kryl Kaprizov broke Marianne Gaborick (83) with the most points in a season (85).

Krill Kaprizov Minnesota Wild
Krill Kaprizov, Minnesota Wild (Jesse Star / Hockey Writers)

Marc Andre Flori is the first goalkeeper in history to win his first three games with the team. Wilde scored the second two fastest goals to start a game in franchise history (1:37). The fastest two games to start a game were scored at 1:01 in 2011.

Full time winner of Total and Husso Shines

Will Hosso is one of two goalkeepers this season who lost to a division (9-0-1 against the Pacific) and joined Jacob Markstrom (9-0-2 against the Metropolitan Division).

The Blues won in 1967. The franchise entered the league in 1967. The Blues have scored three goals in the final two minutes of a game three times this season, finishing second only to Columbus (four).

Stats and milestones from across the NHL

  • Keith Yandel’s 989 consecutive games ended in consecutive games.
  • GT Miller is the 42nd player in the history of the franchise to score 200 points. He is the third fastest player to score 200 points (190 GP) after Pavel Bure (174 GP) and Alexander Mogilny (179 GP). They are the only three people doing this under 200 GP.
  • Jeremy Swimman is the seventh rookie goalkeeper to record 20 wins for Brunin. Only three goalkeepers have scored since 1967-1968: Toka Rusk (22 in the 2009-10 season), Andrew Rickraft (29 in the 2003-04 season), and Marco Baron (22 in the 1981-82 season).
Jeremy Swiman, Boston Bruins
Jeremy Swiman, Boston Bruins (Amy Irwin / Hockey Writers)
  • Jack Hughes scores the fourth longest goal by a New Jersey Devils player aged 20 or under (four games), after Barry Beck (6 goals in 1977-1978) and Wilf Piment (6 goals in 1975-76 and 1974-75) submitted.
  • Tyler Seguin set the record for most assists in a period (three assists). The last player from the Dallas Stars to do so was Corey Perry (2019).
  • Josh Norris scored his first professional hat-trick. He scored his 15th goal of the season in PowerPlay, the most by an Ottawa senator since Danny Hitley (2008-09).
  • Yegor Sharongovich scored his first hat-trick of his career.
  • Nathan McKinnon scored his 400th assist.
  • Alex Touch recorded his 100th assist.
  • Anze Copitar played his 1200th professional game.
  • Darren Helm played his 800th professional game.
  • Tyler Anis played his 700th professional game. He left the game early and is probably over for the season.
  • Charlie McAvoy played his 300th professional game.

A number of players have reached milestones in the past few days, while Iron Man’s game ended with a healthy scratch. Stay up to date with all the statistics and milestones of your favorite players and teams with NHL statistics news that comes to you every few days.

Statistics through NHL Public Relations and Sports Network Statistics.

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