North Ayrshire Council to decide on plans for new tennis courts in Kilwinning

North Ayrshire Council will soon be deciding whether Kilwinning Community Sports Club will have new tennis courts installed.

The plans were submitted by the Kilwinning Locality Partnership and will be sent to the cabinet for their approval on Tuesday.

The club is proposing using the existing unused golf range to create the multi-purpose tennis courts which will also be suitable for sports such as netball and basketball.

If the plans go ahead, the courts will cost £84,401 to build, £55,000 of which will be supplied from the council’s Community Investment Fund.

Councilor Joe Cullinane said: “The team at Kilwinning Sports Club have already created one of Scotland’s biggest and best community sports clubs with the ambition to do even more for our town.

“I am delighted it will be supported by the Community Investment Fund. It’s exactly the sort of community-led project that our Labor administration created the Community Investment Fund to support.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the return of first-class tennis facilities in the town.”

Other than being used for sports, the space will also be suitable as a concert venue, with the club having already secured seating for this purpose.

According to the proposed plans’ official document, the club hopes that the addition of new tennis courts will encourage more young people to use the facilities, improve the community’s health and well-being, and create a greater sense of pride in the area.

Kilwinning Community Sports Club have cited the rise of popularity in tennis over the last five years as creating an increased demand in the community for a tennis court.

The town has not had an accessible tennis court available since the facilities at McGavin Park were shut down.

You can prepare the entire proposal document here.

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